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Moving company referrals – should you accept them?

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woman pointing thumbs up as moving company referrals

Finding a quality moving company is the key to a successful relocation. But, in today’s world, you can never be too sure if a moving company can be trusted. That’s where moving company referrals come in. Knowing someone who has used the services of movers in question certainly raises their reputation. But, when someone you know tells you they’ve had a good experience with a mover, should you accept it at face value? Or should you dig a little deeper and form your own opinion? We are here to answer that question. 

Do you need moving company referrals at all?

Relocating an entire household or an office is a big task. Even a single item can be pretty hard to move. And moving companies like Number 1 Movers are there to make your life easier. They are professionals, with the skills and equipment necessary to safely and quickly move your belongings. But how do you choose the right moving company for you? There are so many movers out there, and not all of them can be trusted. That’s where moving company referrals come in. But knowing someone who has used their services you get a much better idea of how reliable they are. And what’s more, you can be a little more relaxed when dealing with those movers. So, yes, referrals are a valuable source of information. But, can you rely on them completely?

woman giving moving company referrals
There’s a lot of value in moving company referrals from friends and family

How reliable are referrals from friends?

When you have an upcoming relocation you need to find quality movers as quickly as possible. And as you talk to your friends they start mentioning moving companies they’ve used. But can you trust those moving company referrals? Are they reliable? Sure they are. If your friends have used a certain moving company and had a great experience, why shouldn’t you trust them? But, just because they’ve had a great experience, doesn’t necessarily mean you will too. It’s a great way to evaluate movers, but sometimes not enough to completely rely on them. So you should accept them but with a tiny grain of salt. Make sure you get your own opinion about movers based on various sources.

It’s all about circumstances when talking about moving company referrals

Your friends might have had a great experience using a certain moving company. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will too. It depends on many factors. You might be moving to Ontario. And you need long-distance movers to get your belongings there quickly and safely. But, your friends might have used that moving company for only a short-distance relocation. In that case, you can’t completely trust that referral. As it’s a completely different service. That requires different skills and equipment. 

Moving company referrals are a valuable source of information

While we’ve covered that referrals can’t be taken on their face value, they are still quite valuable. And they provide you with some much-needed information on who you are dealing with. In the world of moving, there are a lot of variables. Some moving companies are great. Others not so much. You need to think about so many things before you book movers. And moving company referrals can help you a great deal. They can tell you:

  • How reliable the movers are
  • Are there any hidden moving costs
  • What to expect
  • What to look out for
friends giving moving company referrals
Referrals are a valuable source of information

Referrals are a great way to avoid moving scams

Moving scams can easily ruin your relocation, no matter where you are moving to. Fraudulent moving companies use their advantageous position to suddenly raise prices or impose unfavorable terms. And by knowing someone who has used their services you can quickly find out if they employ such practices. But, even then, you should make sure to check once again. Take a look at their BBB rating and do a background check on them. Just to make sure that nothing has changed since your friend moved with them. You should always form your own opinion before booking movers. 

Make sure you form your own opinion

Having a friend or a family member refer you to something is great. It gives you great insight and a sense of security. But, you also need to form your own opinion. And make a decision based on that. And that means digging a little bit deeper. Get to know a moving company. Ask for a moving quote before you decide to book them. Once you spend some time talking to them you will get to know them much better. And will be able to better decide whether they are a good fit for you or not.

Ask for an in-home moving estimate even if you have moving company referrals

Moving estimates are a great way to get a sense of the pricing. But, they are not always accurate. One way to get a more quote is to ask for an in-home moving estimate. That way you’ll meet with the representative of the company face to face. And will be better able to judge whether they are a good fit or not. Your moving quote will be more accurate and you’ll be able to plan your moving budget more precisely.

man looking surprised at a laptop
Make sure you get your own opinion on the movers before you hire them

Get a few estimates nevertheless

Having a moving company you know is great is very helpful. You don’t have to wonder about their skill, experience, or reliability. But, nevertheless, you should get a few moving estimates from a few different companies. Especially during commercial relocations. And compare those moving companies to find out which one offers the best terms. That way you’ll have a complete picture. And will be able to make an informed decision. 

Moving company referrals are a great start towards picking great movers

Picking movers isn’t always easy. Especially if you haven’t moved to that area before. And moving company referrals are a great way to gain some valuable intel. But, even with the referral, you need to form your own opinion. Get to know the company, do a little background checking. And decide on your own. Don’t trust referrals blindly but rely on them to point you in a good direction.