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How to report a moving scam in Toronto

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Moving business grows every year. We can now say that moving is a type of business where you can expect to work all year long. But, that is also the reason why there are so many scammers that only want to rip you off. Their techniques are usually quite simple but pretty effective. Even though there are ways to find out whether you are dealing with the scammer, many people still fall into the trap. You need to report a moving scam in Toronto once it happens and you should know how to do it. There are many Toronto moving companies that are reliable and experienced. Avoid scams by checking the company thoroughly! If you fall into the scam, find out what you have to do!

Report a moving scam in Toronto as soon as you can!

Once you realize that you are a victim of a scam, you have to act immediately. The more you wait, the more chances that the scammers will get away with it. So, be sure to understand how to make a report and save what you can!

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Check with the company before taking any extra measures
  • Check whether you are really scammed
  • File a report to proper places
  • Go to court

Check whether you are really scammed

Before you start filling reports, you need to be sure that you are getting scammed. There are many misunderstandings in the moving business so it is not that uncommon that people feel scammed even though they are not. You do not want to overreact and make problems for you and the company. In order to see whether the company scammed you, be sure to call them. Call every number you can find until you can see what is going on. Most reputable moving companies, like Number 1 Movers will always try to find the best solution for any problem. If you are dealing with a company that does not have this approach, you can be sure that you are scammed. They should be open to finding a solution, not the other way around.

File a report to proper places

In order to file a report due to the moving scam, you have to turn to proper instances. Before you do that, you should try to resolve the dispute with the movers directly. If this does not work, you should go to higher instances. One of them is the Canadian Association of movers. Most of the Canadian moving companies are in CAM so you will have a good chance to resolve a dispute. You will have to file a complaint and wait until the CAM takes action. They will investigate whether there is enough evidence or not. You can be certain that you will have your answer without you having to phone them all day long.

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Contact higher instances for help

How to file a report?

It is not that complicated to file a report of a moving scam. There are no special documents that you need to have. All you have to do is talk to them and explain everything from beginning to end. You will be asked a set of questions and you will have to provide evidence that you own. The best course of action is to give everything that you have, from documents to phone recordings. It may help your case and you may finish with this stressful situation faster.

Go to court

Another course of action when being scammed is going to court. It may sound like too much but you should understand that you have to use every possible option in order to win. You may not think like this if you lost a small amount of money. On the other hand, if you have lost all your money for the move, you will think differently. Going to court is a more drastic measure but it is everything for your own case.

You should understand that going to court will most likely cost you something. You will most likely be stressed, emotionally drained. Also, you will have to pay for the legal fees. The ultimate thing you need to think about is what are you going to get if you win the case. It is not worth it sometimes.

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Go to the court if nothing else works!

When to consider yourself scammed?

It is very important that you know when to report a moving scam in Toronto. You just can’t report anytime it feels wrong. You have to see clues that will tell you that you are in a problem. Overcharging is one of the most common scams, especially when moving business. Commercial relocation is usually more expensive because there are more things that need to move. Even though there are a lot of great office moving companies Toronto, some of them will take the chance to overcharge you without you noticing. That is why you need to open your eyes and understand the usual costs for your type of relocation.

You should compare commercial movers in Toronto in order to find the reliable one. It is not an easy process but it is necessary if you want to avoid moving scams. It is always better to avoid danger than to have to get out of it!


Moving scams are not that uncommon nowadays. Scammers know that the moving industry is bigger than ever. More people move and there is a higher chance for them to find someone to scam. Even though there are more sophisticated ways to scam, most of them use several rather basic methods.

Besides knowing when and how to report a moving scam in Toronto, you should know how to avoid it. It is better to avoid dealing with the company after your relocation. You want them to provide the service and finish. Your job is to check moving companies before you hire. Yes, this is a process that can take some time but you will make sure that you will have a smooth relocation wherever you are moving to. We hope that you will be able to avoid scams but if you can’t, report it right away to the proper places!