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How to Pick the Best Storage Unit Size for Your Needs

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Deciding on the size of a storage unit can be more complicated than most people think. Because when you want to pick the best storage unit, you need to consider more than just the volume of your inventory.  How long are you planning to store your items? Will you need to access them frequently? Are you planning to add additional items after a while? What is the type of your items and do they require some special conditions when storing? Number 1 Van Lines have prepared this small guide that will help you pick the best storage unit for your needs. Let’s take a look.

When to pick the best storage unit for your needs

Now that you understand that picking the best storage unit for your needs is not going to be easy it also important to know when is the best time to start thinking about this subject. If every storage facility is different and offers different unit sizes then it is clear that you need to decide on what you need before you start searching for storage in Hamilton. Because what is the point of calling and visiting storage facilities if you do not know what you need and whether they can provide it to you.

calendar closeup
You need to do this before you find a storage company

Make a list of your items and measure them

The first and most important thing is to deal with your items. Specifically to count your items, and measure them. If you are not storing too many things, maybe it will be easy to determine that a 5×5 storage unit is just what you need. On the other hand, if you are planning to store more stuff, making an inventory list is what you will need to do. You need to write down all your items’ names and dimensions which will help you later when you start determining the required space. Also, it will help you to get a moving estimate from your residential movers if you are moving and to calculate the required number of packing materials.

You will need to pack your items

Your next assignment is to pack your items. You will be storing your items packed even if you are planning to store them short-term.  Not only that proper packaging is protecting your items and helping them stay in mint condition but it also saves space, as packed items are easier to stack and are using space more efficiently. However, it is not easy to determine the required amount of packing materials as well. So if you can, it would be best to hire professional packing services. They carry enough packing materials with them all the time so they do not need to calculate anything. Moreover, they will pack your items more tightly and efficiently to save even more space. And on top of that, they will be using high-quality professional packing materials that will keep your items perfectly safe.

Ask your packers to help you pick the best storage unit for your needs

Hiring specialized moving services is the best way to prepare your items for storage. Moreover, professional packers will also be able to give you a precise estimate of the space you will need. They are professionals who deal with these types of things on a daily basis. And they have no trouble in calculating that sort of stuff. So if you have an opportunity to hire professional packing services to pack and prepare your precious and beloved items for storage you can ask them to help you with picking the best storage unit size for your needs. If that is what you decided to do you make sure that you give the following information to your packers so they can precisely tell you what you will need to do.

stacked boxes
Ask your packers to give you an advice

How long will your items be in storage?

Whether you are calculating the size of the unit on your own or the packers will do it for you, you need to determine for how long do you plan to store your items. Because if you are storing long term, you will need to get a slightly bigger unit to allow airflow in the unit and prevent moisture and condensation issues that can affect your items big time. Still, if you are getting a larger unit long term that is going to cost you. So you need to think about that as well. And try to make a balance between airflow and the price.

You will need a larger unit if you want to access your items regularly

If you need to access your items regularly, you will also need a larger unit as you need to have room to move around. On the other hand, you can be smart in how you pack and stack your items and make those important items more accessible by storing them in the front lines.

If you plan to store additional items rent a larger unit

If you are planning or you are not sure whether you will be storing additional items in your storage it is only safe to get a larger unit. Moving to a larger unit is not an easy task. And you want to avoid that if you can. And a good way to do it is to rent a storage unit that is larger than what you currently need. However, that means that you will be throwing away money for an empty space for a while. So you need to think about what bothers you more, the cost or the hassle of moving.

row of storage units
Picking a larger unit is always a better choice

If you are storing sensitive items make sure to provide them with suitable conditions

Finally, if you are storing items of great value or items that are particularly sensitive to moisture, you definitely need to rent a large unit with guaranteed airflow. Still, in that case, maybe it is better to rent a climate-controlled storage unit and leave your worries behind.

Now you know what to do

That is how to pick the best storage unit size for your needs. Hopefully, now you know all the things that you need to consider so it will be more difficult to make a mistake.