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Benefits of storing your furniture during a move

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furniture waiting to be stored during the move

Moving a household is a complicated process. There’s a lot that you need to do, before, during, and after the move. So you should do everything that you can to make your relocation easier and as straightforward as possible. One of the things that you can do is temporarily store your furniture. In this article, we’ll be talking about the benefits of storing your furniture during a move. How to do it, why, and when is it a good option? 

Benefits of temporary storage during a relocation

Before we start talking about the benefits of storing your furniture during a move, we need to talk about storage. Renting a temporary storage unit during your move can have a lot of positive effects. First of all, you won’t have to rush through the move. Even if you need to leave your home on a certain date, you can have all your belongings neatly stored in a storage unit. Where they will be safe and ready for transport to your new home.

empty warehouse showcasing the benefits of storing furniture during a move
There are many benefits to renting a storage unit. For both your furniture as well as other belongings.

Another benefit of having a storage unit before your relocation is that you don’t have to move everything at once. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring household moving services or moving on your own. Having a place to store everything can be very useful. 

How to pick a good storage unit for your furniture during the move?

Picking a storage unit isn’t hard. Especially when talking about temporary storage. With long-term storage, you have to plan for the future. But, when renting storage only during your relocation, all that you really need to know is how many items you wish to store. 

It’s important to remember that stacking on top of one another furniture isn’t advisable. It can cause damage to it and make it harder to move out of the storage unit. 

Another important aspect of choosing storage options is the location. You need to make sure that the storage facility is close by. Not too far away from both your current location as well as your destination. 

Lastly, you need to think about accessibility. One of the biggest benefits of storing your furniture during moving is the fact that you can move it out of the storage room easily. So, make sure that you have easy access to your unit. 

Moving furniture can be difficult

During every relocation, there are certain items that are easier to move, and others that are a bit harder. Both for you and for the movers of your choice. And the furniture is definitely one of them. It’s bulky, oddly shaped, and heavy. That makes it difficult to pack and move. In addition to it, you need to know how to disassemble furniture. And more importantly, how to put it back together once you have transported it. All of that makes the benefits of storing your furniture during a move even more obvious.

sofra as an example of benefits of storing furniture during a move
Furniture is notoriously difficult to pack. Being oddly shaped it’s hard to properly protect it during transport.

What are the benefits of storing your furniture during a move?

There are many different benefits of storing your furniture during a move. And they all have to do with making your relocation easier and faster. In some situations, you might not need your furniture right away. While in others, having your furniture on standby means that you can use it for other purposes. 

Benefits of storing your furniture during a move when downsizing

Moving into a smaller home is never easy. Both psychologically as well as logistically. Especially when moving from a house to an apartment. After you’ve gotten used to a certain amount of space, it’s quite difficult to adjust. That’s why it can be quite useful to put your furniture in storage. So after you unpack the rest of your belongings you can plan for the furniture. You’ll have a clear image of how much available space it is left. And you’ll be able to optimize for maximum comfort.

You might decide that you need some new furniture. Or that there simply isn’t enough room for your old furniture. And by keeping it in storage you’ll keep your apartment clutter-free while you figure out what to do with it.

Protect your furniture during the move

We usually don’t regard furniture as something fragile. But when you have an antique table left to you by your grandparents you want to keep it in perfect condition. So, that means being extra careful when moving it. When hiring professionals like Number 1 Movers you don’t have to worry about such things. But, when moving on your own, you might want to be extra careful. There are items that can damage your furniture. And if your furniture gets loose in the back of the truck, it can cause a lot of damage. That’s why you might want to move your furniture separately. 

staged home using furniture from the storage unit
If you need to stage your home using your current furniture is a very good idea

Home staging is one of the benefits of storing your furniture during a move

There are many uses for old furniture. And one of them is if you are looking to sell your old home. Staged homes sell much quicker and for a better price than ones that aren’t. And if you don’t want to pay for others to do it for you, you can use your current furniture. And having it in storage is a great option in case you can’t sell your home without staging. 

Give yourself extra time by storing your furniture during a move

Maybe you want to move quickly, without spending much time transporting furniture. Or maybe you want to take your time moving, but have to move out. The benefits of storing your furniture during a move apply in both those cases. Especially if you are moving by yourself. You can quickly transport essentials by car. And leave the furniture safely stored in a storage unit. You can then move a single piece at a time. Without the need for renting a larger vehicle. You’ll have time to properly disassemble and assemble everything. Without the need to rush through it and possibly make a mistake.