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How to pack your artwork for storage

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Learn how to pack your artwork for storage

Packing ordinary items for storage is no big deal. You just have to put them into boxes and move to your storage unit. Of course, if you already have one. If you are considering moving to Hamilton Ontario, and you have a problem whether you are going to find the perfect storage unit for you, worry no more! There are plenty of storage solutions for you there! We understand that your art is important to you, so we would like to explain how to pack your artwork for storage!

Find a perfect storage unit for you

This is a very important thing to do before you pack your artwork for storage.

It is very important to know how to pack your artwork for storage so that it would not get damaged
Pack your art properly

If you want to preserve your artwork and keep it safe for a long period of time, then you should consider several things when you look for a storage unit:

  • Size- Art comes in various sizes and so does storage units. The problem can begin if you do not choose the storage unit of adequate size. You have to be very careful since you may be using the same storage to store something else.
  • Conditions- Artwork is one of the things that require a climate-controlled storage unit. You have to consider this before you pack your artwork for storage. In order to preserve art and use it more, you have to choose a storage unit with a stable climate. What we mean by this is that you should find a storage unit with controlled temperature and humidity. These two things are the reason why your art keeps ruining.
  • Distance- When storing your artwork, it is wise to look for storage units that are close to you. You certainly do not want to ruin it just because you have to transport it for a long distance.

How to pack your artwork for storage?

There are several things that are important when packing your art for storage. You have to be very careful and reduce contact with art on minimum. Some paintings are very fragile and you should not be the one that is going to ruin it. Another important thing that you have to do is to wrap your paintings in plastic. The plastic will isolate the piece and it will restrain the contact with anything else. After you finish that you should seal the art with styrofoam.

Now comes the harder part. Put your art in boxes. The can be a problem with them because of the size. You can solve this very easily because you can contact the best movers in Hamilton Ontario and get the size that you need. There is nothing easier, right? All that is left for you to do is to fill the gaps in the boxes. You can use bubble pack to do this.

Should you invite your friends to help you?

This can be a good thing. You will usually finish everything earlier and be ready to go in no time. But when it comes to something as delicate as this is, you should think twice. Even though your friends want to help you, it is not that good idea to trust them with everything. It does not matter that they know how much your artwork is worth, they still can’t take care as much as you would like them to. The only case where you can trust your friends to help you with something like this is when your friend has experience in this area.

You have to be careful when doing this
Is it smart to call your friends to help you?

How to stack your artwork in storage

This is very important to do after you pack your artwork for storage. Paintings are very fragile things and no matter how much effort you invested in packing them, they can easily be damaged! In order to prevent this from happening, there is some advice that you should listen to. Even though you can save space for more things to be put in the storage, avoid putting your artwork on top of each other!  This is a crucial mistake that many people make.

As we said before, it is important to have a controlled climate inside your storage unit. But other than that, you should also avoid exposing your art to direct sunlight. As you know, things tend to get to fade if they stay in the sun for too long. Find some corner of the storage that does not get any sunlight, even if it is the minimum. One last thing that you have to do is to check on your storage unit. Even though there is a low chance that something will get broken, you should still be responsible and check your storage unit sometimes!

Is it safer to hire professional movers?

You already know the answer. It is much safer to contact and hire professionals that will do all the job instead of you. The good thing that most moving companies offer packing services for their clients. You can be sure that they will pack your artwork for storage with no problems. After all, moving companies specialize in moving so they have a lot of experience in every aspect of the move. Another good thing is that most companies offer insurance. This is a guarantee that the company will do its job and that it will be done without any damages. If something like that happens, you can solve that with them very easily.

Sometimes this is the best option
Is it safer to hire professionals?


It is understandable if you still have second thoughts about storing your artwork. Some of your art can be very expensive and no one would like for it to get ruined. But if you follow these tips, you will pack your artwork for storage with ease. All that you have to do is to be careful and patient. Many accidents happen due to impatience so there is no room for that. On the other hand, you can always hire professionals that will guarantee that their work will be done correctly!