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How to pack and transport heavy items

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Robust furniture inside a room

You are about to move again and as you already know, there are a few rough weeks ahead of you. You must plan accordingly, prepare for packing, and search for moving companies Ontario. All moving stages require a lot of patience, time, and an adequate moving budget. So, let us help you with one of the stages and make your relocation a bit easier. Let’s pack and transport heavy items together and ensure your relocation is safe and secured.

Prepare the environment before you pack and transport heavy items

Before you move or pack anything, you should inspect the whole situation. Check out how many robust pieces you possess and note everything down on an inventory list. No matter if you have furniture, appliances, electronics, or other miscellaneous items. As long as they are delicate, hard to move, robust, or flat-out heavy, you should categorize and note them down. This way you can prepare the right packing supplies and figure out how hard it will be to move everything. Once you have all the info stacked, contact your movers and check out the moving services they provide. In case you have a gun rack, home safe, a piano, or a home vault, you’ll need a dedicated moving team. So, gather the info and work with your movers to reach the best moving solution possible.

An old piano inside a room
If you possess a piano or similar heavy item, you must find a specialized moving team to relocate it.

Find professional moving help

How to find reliable local movers Ontario? Don’t worry much about it because it is a fairly easy process if you know what you are looking for. So, let us guide you quickly through it and ensure you find the proper one. The first step is to go online and browse a bit. You will find a ton of moving services out there but you will narrow your search down quickly. Simply by following your preset requisites, moving budget, and by comparing prices, services, and feedbacks. Once you find a few good ones, give them a call and ask if they possess all the permits and licenses to operate. Then, they should have all the tools, equipment, manpower, and enough experience for the job.

You can take a step further and check if your movers are registered online and the Better Business Bureau, US Movers Association, or on Yellow Pages. Once you confirm that your choice is a legit one, then you can work on your moving services and a moving contract.

Onsite estimates will help you to pack and transport heavy items adequately

Hopefully, you won’t spend much time on a search for the right moving crew. But once you find them, schedule onsite estimates right away. It is the best way to realize the complexity of the job and to figure out the best moving plan. More importantly, to work on the safest and most affordable way to conduct this relocation. Hence, call your moving representatives and pick a date. They will come over and inspect the environment and all the heavy pieces you want to relocate. After they note down everything, they will be able to establish a better loading dock and secure the area adequately. And to provide you with the precise moving quote. From there, you should continue calculating your costs and figure out where to invest and where you can save a bit.

Enlist movers to pack and transport heavy items
Find a reliable and professional moving service provider with all the tools required for the job.

Remove some of the old items you possess

Each relocation includes decluttering and downsizing process. Everyone has a piece of furniture or an old piece of electronics to replace. And what better time than when relocating home. So, you should cover this one and reduce the number of unnecessary items you have to handle. Not only that you’ll make your move easier, but cheaper as well. Therefore, check around your home and you will surely find outgrown clothing, old furniture, old appliances, etc. Gather everything and declutter before relocating like a pro. You can donate, give away, sell online, or simply drop everything off at the nearest recycling center.

But if you do not have time to do it now, or you want to bring everything with you anyway, you should consider renting a storage unit. It can be a long or short-term investment. Nevertheless, you will gain more space for affordable prices. Check your options with your movers and utilize this amazing service.

Pack for the occasion

Now, let’s pack and transport heavy items together. The answer lies in the right packing materials and proper tools for the job. Therefore, you should obtain everything required at the nearest home depo or a hardware store. If it is more convenient, you can order everything online or purchase from your movers. Whatever you decide, make sure you have the following:

  • Cardboard boxes – Moving boxes Hamilton Ontario are the best buffer out there. Tape it around and box the entire piece of furniture if you like.
  • Corner pads – Specifically designed to protect corners. A very good packing item to protect wooden and glass surfaces.
  • Stretch foil – A basic protection. Wrap whatever you want to avoid smudges, scratching, and dust.
  • Blister packs – A perfect cushion for wrapping individual pieces together. Or to wrap the whole robust piece and secure it from all sides.
  • Packing tape – A higher quality packing tape should be used to secure doors on wardrobes, keep glass pieces together, or keep drawers in place.
  • Basic tools – You can assemble and disassemble pieces by using a hammer, pliers, and a screwdriver. Do not use any power tools if you do not know exactly what you are doing. Remember, some pieces are not meant to be broken apart at all.
Carton moving boxes
Cardboard is the best buffer on the market. Obtain enough to support all your moving needs.

Secure your cargo even more

No matter how you pack and transport heavy items, there is always a chance for a moving mishap. Your movers can damage some of your furniture along the way. It can happen to you or anyone involved. Moving is a game of chance with countless factors included. This means you should add another layer of protection by purchasing moving insurance. Ask your movers what kind of insurance is in question. There is always partial coverage involved. But if you have expensive or unique pieces, maybe you should obtain one from a regular moving insurance company. It is a small investment that can pay out greatly in case of damages. Just remember you have this option out there.

Now you know how to pack and transport heavy items. You will definitely need some help. Maybe from your friends and family or from a professional moving company. Either way, you shouldn’t attempt moving heavy items yourself. Therefore, gather a moving crew and relocate your items safely. And remember, your safety is far more important than your items. Good luck and stay safe.