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How to Pack a Home Library for Ontario Relocation

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    books on a shelf

    Books are valuable items for anyone who likes to read. That love can oftentimes turn into a big collection. When you start collecting them, you probably don’t think about having to move them one day. But now that you have to move with Number 1 Van Lines Van Lines, it is time to start thinking about it. Just the fact that you hired one of the best moving companies shows that you care about your belongings. But even with professionals at your side, you should know how to pack a home library for Ontario relocation. And we will teach you how to do just that.

    Tips on how to pack a home library for Ontario relocation

    Even though books don’t look like they are fragile, they are quite easy to damage. The worst thing is that if you are about to pack a home library for Ontario relocation, you most likely have some old, valuable books.

    an open book
    Keep in mind that books are quite easy to damage when you pack a home library for Ontario relocation

    It would be a shame for those books to get damaged, and to prevent that you need to hire some residential movers Toronto, or you need to:

    • Make an inventory
    • Use the right packing techniques
    • Pay attention to the final steps

    Make an inventory

    Since you have a home library, you probably have hundreds of books. Even if you read every one of them, you most likely don’t know every book you have. Chances are also high that you don’t need all of the books you own. Some of them might be in bad shape or you don’t want them anymore. Whatever the case is, you can either throw away, donate or sell something. Books are heavy, and you don’t want any unnecessary weight in your moving truck. Go through all of your books and list everything that you have so that you have a list on hand when you get to your new home.

    Use the right packing techniques

    When it comes to the packing of the books, you have a few options. You can either stack them horizontally or put them upright in some moving boxes Ontario moving companies can provide you with. The spines should be facing the outsides of the boxes, and never pack them too tight. Apart from making the box heavy, you will potentially damage the books when you try to take them out while unpacking.

    Pay attention to the final steps

    You won’t know when you will have a chance to unpack after moving. It might be in the first few days or it will take a month. Since books aren’t essential items post-moving, they will probably stay packed for some time.

    Since moisture is the biggest enemy of books, don’t forget to put some silica gel packages in the boxes once you finish packing. It would be a shame to waste hiring some long distance movers CA just to get your books damaged after moving.

    Person is sealing a box when trying to pack a home library for Ontario relocation
    The final steps are also important

    Conclusion on how to pack a home library for Ontario relocation

    When you try to pack a home library for Ontario relocation, give yourself time. Since you likely have a big collection on your hand, it will take time to do right. For that reason, it is always recommended to start packing boxes for a move on time. Packing is known to take a long time. We wish you good luck!