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How to label boxes for moving like a pro

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labeled moving boxes - label boxes for moving

Packing is considered the most boring job when it comes to moving to Ontario. When you think about it more, it is the most boring job ever! It takes so much time and it is not even worth it. Some will not agree but that is not even the point. If you do it right and use proper tools and advice, you can do wonders. The problem with packing is actually a lack of knowledge. If you do it wrong, you could end up with a lot of brokes items or it will take hours so that you unpack and move each box where it needs to be. That is the reason why you should learn how to label boxes for moving so that you do not lose so much time trying to figure out the content of the box and where it should go.

Why is labeling moving boxes important?

There are many reasons why you should label boxes for moving. The most important one is to keep track of all your stuff in the moving process. Moving, especially packing can be so hard to do because there are so many things that you have to think about. That is why you should always make some kind of plan on how to pack and mark your moving boxes for the relocation.

markers - label boxes for moving
Buy markers in various colors for the job

What to do and how to label boxes for moving?

  • Buy markers
  • Get proper moving boxes
  • Get labels
  • Use color system
  • Use number system

Buy markers

There is no labeling moving boxes for relocation without markers. Even though you may think that there is not that much to talk about them, you are wrong. There are a lot of types of markers and you have to be careful about which one to get. You should always get permanent and waterproof markers for the job. If you are relocating in summer, it is not that important. But if you are moving in the rainy season or in winter, you need to be sure that your marker will not come off as soon as the drop falls. Also, get markers in multiple colors.  They are crucial if you want to label boxes for moving properly.

 Get proper moving boxes

In order to label moving boxes, you have to get them first. You have to understand that every relocation is different and that you may need moving boxes that are different. For example, packing clothes for relocation is different since you will need wardrobe boxes where you can preserve them in perfect condition. On the other hand, you may need bigger boxes for some of the items that you own.

moving boxes
Get proper moving boxes for your needs

That is why you should choose the right moving boxes for your relocation and avoid making mistakes. If you make a mistake, you may label a box that you will not even use. Even though they are not that expensive to start with, it will still be like throwing money away.

Where to get the moving boxes?

Even though you can find them everywhere, it is always better to get them with your movers. There are a lot of moving companies Cambridge Ontario that you can choose from. They all sell moving boxes in perfect conditions and you can be sure that they will sustain any weight that you put on them.

Get labels

Moving box labels can help you a lot when packing. We have said that labeling moving boxes have one purpose. To keep track of all your belongings. It will save you a lot of time when unpacking. There is one problem though. If you use secondhand moving boxes from your friends and family, there is a chance that they already have box labels on them. If you put yours too, it can make confusion among the movers and the result would be the same as if you did not have them. Buy or rent new moving boxes or remove the labels from the boxes that already have them.

Use color system

Now is the time to explain why you should have markers in multiple colors when marking your boxes for relocation. Follow the rule: one color – one room! Each color should represent one room in the house. When you do it like this, you will not have any problems detecting where each box should go when you arrive at your destination.

Use number system

Instead of using colors, or along with them, you can also use the number system for marking your boxes. It is not that used among the people but we should still mention it since it is also a good system. Match each number with the specific room in the house. The problem with it is that your movers could make a mistake and take your boxes in the wrong room. You can also match the number with the specific type of item. For example, one can be cups and plates, two can be electronics, etc. 

You can use the number system instead

Hire professional packers

Labeling sounds really easy to do, and it is. But if you are not concentrated enough and if you have a lot of rooms in the house, you could still make a mistake yourself that you can’t attach to the movers. That is why you can always hire professional packers that can do all of this instead of you. There is one thing though. They are the ones that will be doing the manual work but you are still the one that comes up with the system. Be sure to explain everything before the packing starts.


You can now see why labeling is important for the move. It saves you a lot of time once you relocate. We all know how nervous we can be when moving, especially if it is a long-distance move. In order to save yourself some headaches once you relocate, be sure to follow these tips and label boxes for moving like a pro!