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Best ways to reward your movers

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Rewarding your movers doesn't always mean money

We all know how hard is to be properly prepared when moving to another place. This is why moving companies exist. To help you properly store all of your items,  then to transfer them safely on your new address and to give you the best service possible according to your needs. If you have the luck to make the best choice about hiring a moving company, there is a chance that you would want in the process to reward your movers. These are the best ways you can do this.

Make lunch

Working in a moving company is a tough job. It is manual labor that requires a lot of strength due to often transferring heavy stuff. So, naturally, that also requires movers to be properly fed so they can do their job. Use this to reward them. Make lunch! It doesn’t need to be some extravagant lunch. Keep in mind that this is a way for you to show appreciation for their work so you don’t need to spend a lot to do this. Be simple. Make a couple of sandwiches. Make sure that they are big so movers could do their job properly after the break. Also, you don’t want to use stuff that is hard for the stomach to digest. This would only slow them and there would be a chance for them to do something wrong.

This will give them strenght
Make lunch for your movers

Make refreshments

This is also a good way to show appreciation your movers. This kind of manual labor requires a lot of fluid for them to be able to function. This is one of the easiest ways to reward your movers. You can use a lot of different kinds of refreshments. Water, juice, or even beer. We don’t recommend beer because there were a lot of cases where moving turns into drinking. It is better to avoid this, even if they ask you to do this. Give them water or juice whenever they ask because this way you will show your gratitude and make them be more efficient.

Don't allow your movers to be thirsty
Make refreshments for your movers

Give them a break

No matter how much stuff you have that has to be transferred, it is a natural thing for people to get tired at some point of work. Even if you are in a hurry, you should give them a break so they could relax and continue to work more refreshed. Dundas movers agree that hurrying them is the wrong thing to due to the pressure you are giving them. Most people don’t work well under pressure. There is a higher chance for them to do something wrong, too. Even if you hurry them, you probably won’t have any good result. So, be patient.

Give them a comfortable place where they can relax while on a break. We understand that you already stored most of your furniture, but find something where they can be comfortable and relax so they could finish their job.

Appreciate their work

The easiest way to reward your movers. Sure that this isn’t anything material, but most people react well on the good word and will be more motivated to finish their job properly. Don’t hesitate to give them a good word. Be open and find a good angle of talk where this praise can look natural. If you are not so good at small talks, you can just praise the work they have done so far and end with that.

Praise them with their boss

A similar way to show respect to your movers. Workers all around like when they get praise from their boss. It shows that their work means something to someone and it is a huge motivation for them to become even better and be more efficient in future work. This can be of help for people when deciding about hiring moving companies Cambridge. This is something that doesn’t require much effort, you just have to pick up the phone and dial their employer. On the other hand, this gesture could increase their salaries which would also make them more efficient and motivated.

Tip to reward your movers

This represents the only thing most of the people think when we talk about ways to reward your movers. It is one of the ways, that is true but the only one. When it comes to tipping your movers, it is important to know that you aren’t obligated to do this. This just shows your will to reward your movers the way most of them want. You should include several things when deciding whether to tip your movers:

  • Satisfaction– The easiest thing when deciding whether to tip your movers. If you are satisfied with their work, tip them!
  • Efficiency- The efficiency of the movers have a big part when deciding to tip them. If they finish within a day, you should tip them more than when they need several days to make the move complete.
  • Attitude- Their attitude is important. There are different kinds of personalities withing workers but they should know that kind attitude will make you tip them more so consider this as a part of your decision.

Most of the people are confused when it comes to the amount you want to give them. Most of the experienced movers say that it is about 20 dollars. It certainly isn’t too much to give, and it shows your appreciation for their work. It is recommended that your tip doesn’t go below 20 dollars. Any amount above 20 dollars is more than welcome but keep in mind that you don’t have an obligation to do this.

Reward your movers by tipping them around 20$
Tip only if you are satisfied with your mover’s work


The main thing for moving companies is marketing. It represents everything and everything depend on it. This is another way to reward your movers. When marketing is good, there is a higher chance for people to hire those moving companies. We agree that you surely can’t go on national television and make the statement about their good work but there are other things you can do. Talk to your friends and family about the moving company that you hired. Everyone has someone, at least 10 people to whom you can say good things about your movers.

Nowadays everything goes through the internet so you could use it to show appreciation for the work your movers have done. If the moving company has their own website, you can write a positive review of their work there. It can be hard to do so you should know how to write a review for the moving company. This way the future people that look for the best moving company to hire will know that they will make the right choice and that won’t be disappointed.

To sum up, there are a lot of ways on how to reward your movers. We have selected a number of them that we considered to be the most efficient. Use them to if you are satisfied with your mover’s work!