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Best things to do in Hamilton this winter

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Snowed in street with lights and shop windows

Hamilton is a place that keeps on giving all year round. It is one of those places that suits the people who enjoy fresh air and freedom, while still living urban. So, after working with professional and cheap movers Hamilton, it is time to enjoy the leisures that the area offers. The city isn’t exactly a tourist hot-spot, but it still has plenty to offer to everyone who comes to visit. Whether it is shopping, nature walks, museums or sports, everyone can find their source of fun. Even though spring and summer are commonly related to social activity, the fun doesn’t really end there. There are loads of things to do in Hamilton this winter, and we are here to introduce you to a few.

When the snowflakes start flying, you can be sure the fun is just beginning. From cozy bars and cafes, amazing restaurants, to parks and Christmas festivals. Hamilton has a certain charm to it, but come winter, it becomes even more magical. If you are thinking of moving, and learning of all the things to do in Hamilton this winter solidifies your decision, look no further than Hamilton moving services to bring you to all the winter action. Any moving process can drain a person, and with our help, you will surely find a fun activity to recharge after the move.

man wearing white cap sitting on a snowed in log thinking of things to do in Hamilton this winter
Regardless if you are an indoor or an outdoor kind of person, there is something in Hamilton for you

Here are a few things to do in Hamilton this winter you will surely love

Hamilton has a lot to offer, 365 days a year, and it takes some time to explore it all. As seasons change, so does the scenery of Hamilton, and with the seasonal change, comes the change of possible activities. Here, we’re focusing on things to do in Hamilton this winter that will definitely warm your heart. The list is not made in any particular order, but after you go through it, you can visit al the places, and make your own orderly list based on how much fun you had. Of course, we are going to start with the most iconic winter holiday.

It isn’t winter without Christmas

People flood the streets during the Christmas season. It is a time of giving, so give yourself time to absorb it all and get in the Christmas spirit. When visiting holiday events, make sure to bring the family, as there are loads of Christmas events for the kids.

  • The McQuesten family house – The famous family lived in Hamilton from 1850 all the way do 1986 when the last member passed away. This family’s story resists the test of time and still attracts a lot of history enthusiasts from all parts of Canada. Their Late Classical family house has over time been turned into a historic house museum and is now called Whitehern Historic House. Here, you can see how the family celebrated Christmas, authentic China sets they used, as well as original Christmas ornaments from 1880.
red ornaments and lights hanging from a christmas tree
When someone says winter, we all instantly think of Christmas
  • Christmas themed train ride – Even if you are not a train fan, you will definitely love this one. Located at Rock Gardens, the Escarpment Train Exhibit will guide you through railroad history. You will have a chance to learn about the powerful steam engines that ran through these parts from the 1800s.  The train is decorated in the Christmas fashion and it rolls through the majestic Canadian landscape. Enjoy the ride, and bring your camera.
  • Hamilton holiday bazaar – If you’re still short on unique presents for your loved ones, this is the place for you. The name of the event is “STUFFED!”, and it is located in a local Hamilton brewery. The local vendors all come together and display their unique crafts and hand-made stuff. You will surely find something for your friends as the offer is very diverse. Come, enjoy and marvel at the beautiful creations of the bazaar.

Wining and dining has a special charm in winter

Winter is a time when you need to keep your body warm, no doubt about it. But that feeling should not only be reserved for the body. There needs to be something that warms your heart and soul, and gently caresses your palate. Visiting cozy restaurants is one of the perfect things to do in Hamilton this winter, either alone, or as a part of quality family time. From barbeque houses to intimate little taverns, there are a lot of options for wining and dining this winter.

dimly lit restaurant with brown chairs and tables
The food scene in Hamilton is very rich and diverse
  • The Heather – Reserved only for special occasions, this truly is a unique place. Named after the owner’s mother, it is one of the most elegant restaurants in the Hamilton area. This must-visit place has only twelve seats in the house, so total intimacy is more than guaranteed. The Heather offers 7 delicious meals that will make you feel like royalty. The thing is, with an extravagant atmosphere and menu, comes an extravagant bill. The food costs $85 on average, and the wine pairing is around $55. But we have to say, it is absolutely worth it. Whether you want to propose to your significant other or celebrate a successful move to Hamilton, this is the place to do it.
  • Memphis Fire BBQ – One of Hamilton’s favorites. This is one of the places you absolutely must visit, as it offers a broad range of comfort food. From smoked wings, fried chicken, to baby back ribs, there are loads of delicious goodness to try. Smoked meat is served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as this Southern-style joint has its own 500-pound meat smoker. The prices are very good, and they even offer their own catering services.

Things to do in Hamilton this winter aren’t only reserved to indoors

If you are one of those people that choose to go out in the winter, rather than sit inside and wait for spring, keep reading. When the snowflakes start flying, satisfy your adventurous side with exciting winter activities. From gentle snow bunnies to tough winter warriors, there are activities to satisfy all levels of outdoor adventurers.

  • Westfield Heritage Village – With a stunning collecting of 35 well-preserved buildings, it is a great historical location. Capture the charm of early Canadian culture, with the help of carefully restored buildings, filled with costumed interpreters. The village covers 130 hectares bordered by beautiful trails, woodlands, and meadows.
  • Bronte Creek Provincial Park – Recreational experience all year round. Located just off Bronte road, the park has over 140 campsites, group camp areas, and pet exercise areas. 10 picnic areas and over 6 miles of multi-purpose trails ensure a great outdoor experience. If you visit between December 27th and January 6th, you will find the Victorian Christmas event. Set in the 1900s, it introduces to us the Christmas spirit and traditions of the olden days. There are no reservations, but any larger groups visiting should call ahead just in case.