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    Bathurst (2016 populace; UA 11,897) is the seat of administration of Gloucester County, New Brunswick, and is at the estuary of the Nepisiguit River.

    The Bathurst Mining Camp accommodated very nearly 50 years a ton of occupations to the provincial economy. The Brunswick Mine office shut in April 2013. Joblessness hit over 20% in northern New Brunswick in March 2013 therefore.

    Bathurst is found, and has a station, on the Canadian National railroad line. Through Rail gives a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday traveler administration in the two ways. The economy is fundamentally centered around mining, fishing and ranger service. Different areas include: the travel industry, call focuses, assembling, and common and government. The administration area is the city’s biggest manager. The city is overhauled by one medical care office, Chaleur Regional Hospital. This city also  has mover company Bathurst which help many companies to move around the city.

    A local Tax Services Canada and a Transport Canada Marine Safety Service focus are situated in the old midtown. Bathurst Marina is recorded as an official Port of Entry for little vessels. It is recorded as a non-necessary pilotage zone. The port position was moved in February 2003 to a private consortium, after which on 21 September 2006 the port was delisted from the Canada Marine Act alongside different ports on the North Shore of the area which by then had fallen into neglect. Bathurst is found 50 km south of the profound water Port of Belledune, where an oil tank ranch and a coal-terminated electrical creating station are found.

    On December 17, 2010, it was resolved that a natural evaluation was needed according to an extension of a sawmill venture in light of the fact that the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency considered giving monetary help to the defender. The venture comprises of building an extension of around 297 square meters (m2) that will be added to the current structure of roughly 372 m2.

    Bathurst Airport obliges general aeronautics.

    Bathurst is arranged at the southernmost piece of Chaleur Bay on Bathurst Harbor, an estuary at the mouth of four waterways: the Nepisiguit River, the Middle River, Little River, and the Tetagouche River. Two spits of land, Carron Point and Alston Point, structure the fenced in area for the harbor. Youghall Beach Provincial Park misleads the north of town. Bathurst is found 90 km south of Dalhousie, and 90 km north of Miramichi.