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    Moose Jaw is the fourth biggest city in Saskatchewan, Canada. Lying on the Moose Jaw River in the south-focal piece of the territory, it is arranged on the Trans-Canada Highway, 77 km (48 mi) west of Regina. Inhabitants of Moose Jaw are known as Moose Javians. The city is encircled by the Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw No. 161.

    Moose Jaw is a mechanical focus and significant railroad intersection for the territory’s rural produce. CFB Moose Jaw is a NATO flight preparing school, and is home to the Snowbirds, Canada’s military aerobatic aviation expo flight show group. Moose Jaw likewise has a gambling club and geothermal spa. This city also has moving companies Moose Jaw which help to move company around Canada.

    Moose Jaw’s atmosphere is momentary among semiarid and sticky mainland (Köppen BSk and Dfb, individually) Moose Jaw’s winters are long, cold and dry, while its summers are short, however warm and moderately wet. The coldest month is January, with a mean temperature of −12 °C (10 °F), while the hottest is July, with a mean temperature of 19.3 °C (66.7 °F). The driest month is February, in which a normal of 11 millimeters (0.43 in) of precipitation falls, while the wettest month is July, which brings a normal of 63 millimeters (2.5 in). Yearly normal precipitation is 365 millimeters (14.4 in).

    Moose Jaw City Council comprises of a chosen chairman and 6 city councilors. From 1881 to 1903 the network was spoken to by a Town Council and from that point by City Council.

    Moose Jaw City Hall, on the second floor at the old Moose Jaw Post Office (c. 1911), has been committee’s home since the last part of the 1960s

    Commonly the city is spoken to by two MLA and governmentally by one MP.

    Moose Jaw is a city of 33,000 at the crossing point of the Trans Canada Highway and Highway 2. A Snowbird aerobatic fly and Mac the Moose are enormous side of the road attractions on the No. 1 roadway at the traveler data focus. Moose Jaw Trolley Company (1912) offers streetcar voyages through Moose Jaw. Sanctuary Garden’s Mineral Spa, Tunnels of Moose Jaw, and History of Transportation Western Development Museum. are significant locales of interest. The crossroads of Moose Jaw and Thunder Creek created the best wellspring of water for steam motors, and Moose Jaw turned into the CPR divisional point. Huge limit solid grain terminals are supplanting the more modest grain lifts that were various along the expressway, sentinels of most networks along the course. Improved innovation for gather, transport and street development have made the huge inland terminals more feasible monetarily. The rustic overseeing body around Moose Jaw is Moose Jaw No. 161, which serves 1,228 inhabitants (2006 evaluation) and incorporates the Moose Jaw Canadian Forces Base. Meat-preparing plants, salt, potash, urea manure, anhydrous alkali and ethanol makers have large amounts of this zone with simple vehicle admittance to the Trans–Canada Highway.