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Your tasks while Movers Ottawa help in your moving

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    movers Ottawa

    Even though you have hired a moving company there are still few works left which you have to do, to make your move as smooth as possible. Although movers will do the actual task in moving but there are responsibilities for your to do –

    1. Pack and Move Your Valuables

    The most important thing for you to do is pack your things like your cloths and valuable things like jewellery on moving day before the movers show up.
    It’s not like mover will take your valuables, but small things can get lost easily and taking care of your valuable things is your responsibility as it can misplaced easily
    So, before your movers show up at your home, you have to make sure that you have gathered up all of your valuables and also keep a close track on them during the whole moving process.

    2. Should be Present on Moving Day

    While moving your items there must be few questions movers Ottawa can ask you which may help them to make your move easy so it will be the best if you will be present while they move.

    You do not need tell the movers how they should do their job, but it’s very important to be there on move day to check if something left in your home while moving so, you can tell your movers about certain things in your home.

    Let’s just say that you have a very extremely valuable piece or something which means a lot to you, you just have to let them know beforehand so, while making a move they can make sure to take an extra and special care of that thing by protecting and loading that item.

    3. Pack an Essentials Bag

    Before the arrival of movers Ottawa make sure you create a bag for essentials and keep also keep it in your car so that movers don’t get accidentally loaded that bag onto the moving truck. This is basically a duffle bag that has everything you’ll need on your moving day or after the day.
    It includes the things like phone chargers, important documents, toiletries, couple extra sets of clothes and most importantly medications because sometimes people get sick after a long travel.

    4. Disconnect the electronics

    It is your responsibility to disconnect all the electronic items unless movers take that as their responsibility. Also take the photo so that you can reconnect them easily after the move.