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When should you pay your movers in Vancouver?

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    With so many stages, from carefully packing all your stuff to loading it then unloading and unpacking it again can be too much for you. Hiring a moving company makes it easier, faster and hassle-free for you at an affordable cost.

    But the most common question that can make your moving process more puzzling is when to make the payment. It’s good to do your own research but coming to a conclusion is difficult because different movers in Vancouver can have different guidelines for payments. Some untrusted moving companies can often take the benefit of this to scam their customers.

    Before or After?

    The short answer is, that you should pay your moving company after you move is successfully completed. A trusted company will never ask you to make the payment at the start of the move. This is the standard practice in most of the trustworthy companies.

    However, it can vary depending upon the season you’re moving in and the demand of movers at that point. Usually, if the demand is less or stable, you’ll be asked to make the payment at the end.

    In some seasons, especially during summers, demand can get really high for movers in Vancouver and you can be asked for some small percentage of amount when you book their services.

    Moving Deposits

    Not just in specific seasons, some reputed companies can generally ask you for some percentage amount as moving deposit. And it’s done to make sure you make the commitment and not cancel at the last minute.

    Moving companies have to reserve their employees and materials for your booking. People cancelling at the last minute leads to wastage of their resources and they’ll be loosing out on potential booking that could’ve happen instead. Keeping small deposits make people commit to their services and not go to the competition. Even if the cancellation happens, they at least have some money to cover and make up for the losses.

    So, don’t consider moving deposits as an untrusted practice, think of it as protection for the companies. Just remember, you won’t be asked for anything more than around 20% – 30% of the overall moving cost before it begins and simply move to other alternatives if that happens.

    To sum it up,

    Now you know, when to make the payment to moving companies, so you can confidently move ahead with the process and avoid any potential scams along the way.