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What are common non-storable items?

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    Three men talking in a storage unit

    Storage facilities can be very helpful during relocation. You can leave your stuff there and be sure they are safe. Once you find the right place for them, you can pick them up and transport them to your new home. However, not all items can be left in a storage unit. There are common non-storable items that are legally prohibited from being in a storage facility for a longer period of time. If you are planning to rent storage in Canada it would be best to contact the storage representative and ask.

    The main categories of non-storable items

    The list of items that cannot be left in a storage space is quite long. We can divide those items into two categories

    • Hazardous materials
    • Perishables

    They are either not well suited for storage or can pose a danger. So, when you start looking for companies that provide moving services and local storage units, talk to your movers about non-storable items. If you don’t you may cause a major issue, but someone in danger, or get a legal penalty.

    A man riding a forklift in storage
    Check your storage policy regarding non-storable items before you start packing and preparing for the move

    Hazardous materials are common non-storable items

    Different storage units have different rules when it comes to things that cannot be stored. But, none of them allow items that can cause hazards such as fireworks, gasoline, kerosene, aerosol, etc. The list of hazardous materials can also include paint, bleach, car batteries, ammunition, charcoal, matches… Also, movers you hire for your household move will not transport any of these items. Don’t waste time packing them and check your movers’ policy regarding non-transportable items.

    Canister gasoline
    Check the list of hazardous materials that cannot be left in storage units

    Perishable items

    You cannot leave perishables in storage because they can spoil. These items include fresh produce, frozen food, and refrigerated food. Throwing all this food away would be a waste. If you are wondering what to do with your food before moving, you can eat some of it and donate the rest. Also, you cannot leave animals in storage facilities.

    Additional items that shouldn’t be stored

    In addition to hazardous materials and perishable, which aren’t allowed in storage space, there are things that should not be left there, although it is not prohibited. Always keep particularly valuable belongings, such as jewelry or lockboxes, close to you. Also, do not leave cash in storage. However, there are situations when you have to leave some valuable possessions in storage, especially when you are organizing a long-distance move. In this case, make sure to choose a safe unit. It should have 24/7 surveillance and security guards. In addition to safety, pay attention to the size of the facility, location, price, and access.

    Once you start preparing for your relocation, talk to your movers about non-storable items. In this way, you will know exactly which items they won’t transport and leave in storage.