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Top Canada cities for single parents

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Parent with daugher in one of the top Canada cities for single parents

According to statistics, single parents mostly move due to better job offers, better schooling options, or after the separation from their partner. If you are a single parent planning on moving, you might feel overwhelmed or confused, but there’s no need to! If you are unsure which city might be a perfect choice, Number 1 Movers is here to help! We have prepared a list of the top Canada cities for single parents! Most of these places are affordable, safe, and have a variety of career and education-related opportunities for you and your children!

How to choose the best city for yourself and your children?

There is no perfect city where you can start building a future. However, some towns can offer you the “almost-perfect” life you are looking for. All you have to do is be realistic about your current financial situation and the needs, wishes, and ambitions of your kids. After deciding what your needs and priorities are, ask yourself some more specific questions:

  • Do you like silence or going out every once in a while?
  • Is your dream place a big and busy city or a smaller and quieter suburb or town?
  • Do you want to become a manager in a large company, or is it your dream to open a farm with organic products?
  • Are you planning on homeschooling your child or not?
  • Does your child have some after-school activities or hobbies?
  • Do you want to work from home, or is commuting something you prefer?
  • Will being away from your family, ex-partner, or close friends be a deal-breaker?
A Canadian flag
Canada is classified as one of the best countries for being a single parent.

What are the best cities for single parents?

After sitting down and looking through similar questions, you will have a clear image of the place you want. Knowing what you want is crucial since it will save you time and energy when looking for a new home. You will have more time to research the top Canada cities for single parents and find movers that operate in the desired area. For example, if you are based in Vaughan, our movers Vaughan ON will make sure your belongings are relocated as swiftly as possible!

The best city to raise kids: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec

Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville is located in Quebec and ranks at the top of the best places in Canada to raise kids. This town has 27,000 residents, 50% of them families with children. If you are a single parent, this might be the perfect location for you! Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville has an average household income of around 120k CAD, almost 40k more than the national average. The unemployment rate is low, and there are fewer than 500 reported crime cases per year.

Moreover, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville is also really affordable for living, especially when it comes to housing. You can buy a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom house for 600,000 CAD, and smaller apartments cost around 15,000 CAD per month. Food prices, transportation costs, and utility bills are even 5–6% lower than the national average. When it comes to education, there are eight public schools, with two of them being high schools:

  1. Mount Bruno
  2. Internationale Courtland Park
  3. De Montarville
  4. Académie des Sacrés-Coeurs
  5. Monseigneur-Gilles-Gervais
  6. Collège Trinité
  7. Pavillon De La Rabastalière
The city of Quebec, one of the top Canada cities for single parents
Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville is one of the top Canada cities for single parents due to its affordable lifestyle and safe neighborhoods.

It is important to note that this city is predominately French-speaking. However, most residents use both English and French in everyday life. If you are currently based in Markham and if Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville seems like a good moving destination, hiring movers Markham ON should be your next move!

Oshawa, Ontario- one of the top Canada cities for single parents

Oshawa is a Canadian city located in southern Ontario on the shores of Lake Ontario, approximately 60 kilometers east of downtown Toronto. It is a medium-sized city with 170,000 residents. Some of Oshawa’s neighborhoods include Taunton, Eastdale, Pinecrest, McLaughlin, Donovan, Windfields, Lakeview, Downtown Oshawa, Vanier, Centennial, Farewell, etc. It’s a generally safe area with little to no crime, with most crimes being non-violent ones.

Its residents describe it as a family-oriented area that is perfect for those looking to move to some of the top Canada cities for single parents. Oshawa is also affordable when it comes to necessities such as housing, food, and transportation. An average apartment with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom costs between 1500 and 2500 CAD, which is more than reasonable for a city of this size. If you are concerned about your kid getting the best possible education, rest assured knowing that there are 99 public schools in Oshawa. The highest-ranked schools include:

  1. Ecole élémentaire Antonine Maillet
  2. Kedron Public School
  3. EEC Corpus-Christi
  4. Walter E Harris Public School
  5. Northern Dancer Public School
  6. St Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic School

Since there are both English-only and French-only schools, you can choose the one that will suit your child’s needs. If Oshawa sounds like a dream come true, wait no more and hire movers Oshawa today! They will ensure your relocation runs as smoothly as possible.

Gibsons, British Columbia

Not all families can afford to live in a big city. Smaller cities and suburbs usually have lower living costs. Gibsons, British Columbia, is an example of a small city with low living costs and a high median income per household. Gibson is located on the Sunshine Coast, just a short drive from Vancouver. It has around 5000 residents, most of whom are married couples and families with kids. However, the median age is pretty high, with more than 50% of people older than 45. It’s a generally safe area, and residents describe it as a pleasant and cozy place.

Mom with her three kids
Choosing the right moving destination ensures your kids get happy and safe childhood.

Gibsons is also very affordable to live in, especially when it comes to real estate. A one-bedroom one-bathroom house can cost between $300,000 and $400,000 CAD, while a two-bedroom one-bathroom apartment can cost between $1,000 and $1,200 CAD per month. Affordable housing options are essential for single parents who might be struggling financially. Gibsons has seven schools in total, with the best-ranked schools being Langdale Elementary, Gibsons Elementary, and Cedar Grove Elementary. There are no high schools or colleges in Gibsons, but due to its proximity to Vancouver, you have a huge variety of schools to choose from. If you want to escape from big cities such as Ottawa or Mississauga, hire movers Mississauga and give Gibsons a chance.

Victoria is a great choice for single parents

This city is the capital of the province of British Columbia. It is the oldest city in the province and the largest on Vancouver Island. With over 3.5 million tourists a year, Victoria is an important destination for local and international tourism. Moreover, it has been repeatedly awarded as one of the most beautiful and livable cities in Canada. Victoria has less than 100,000 residents, but unlike other cities on this list, has a lower percentage of families with children. Most newcomers usually come from bigger cities such as Ontario and its suburbs via movers Burlington Ontario. Most of its inhabitants are single and work-oriented individuals or senior residents. Although it is not the safest city in Canada, it still has a moderate crime rate. Moreover, 90% of crimes are property related.

a bunch of books
Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, has more than 110 public schools.

Victoria is also the hometown of the University of Victoria, a public college with 160 courses and more than 3500 per year. Whether you have smaller children or teenagers, finding a place with a strong and efficient educational system is very important. Moreover, living in Victoria is much less expensive than you might think. You can find a nice and cozy home with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom for around 600,000 CAD. Renting an apartment is a cheaper option that usually costs between 1900 and 2600 CAD. Compared to the rest of British Columbia, these prices are a really good deal. Although the median household income is only 67k CAD, which is 20,000 less than the national average, it is still a relatively inexpensive place to live. A good thing to know is that Victoria has more than 110 public elementary, middle, and high schools. Some of the top-ranked schools are:

  1. South Island Distance Education
  2. St. Michael’s University School
  3. St Margaret’s
  4. Glenlyon School in Norfolk

Windsor, Ontario

Windsor is located on the banks of the Detroit River, immediately south of the US city of Detroit. It has more than 200 000 residents, with most of the newcomers being married couples, families with more than 1 child or entrepreneurs, who mostly move here via movers St Catharines due to low startup costs. About 40% of residents are families with kids, and more than 60% are married couples. Due to excellent affordability and a low crime rate, the most popular neighborhoods in Windsor are Roseland, South Cameron, East Riverside, Kenilworth Gardens, South Windsor, Walker Gates, Southwood Lakes, Spring Garden, Hillside Park, Malden, Peachtree Village and South Walkerville.

One of the reasons why Windsor is one of the top Canada cities for single parents is extremely inexpensive real estate prices. An average 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house can go from 180k CAD to 300k CAD, which is three times lower than average in Ontario. Windsor also has a low unemployment rate of 3.6%, with many residents owning small or medium-sized businesses. If you are looking for a new job, you might want to explore all the possibilities Windsor offers! This town has also seen a decrease in crime rates of 5%, which is another thing to consider before moving with your children. Regarding schools, there are more than 105 public schools, with the best ranked being:

  1. École élémentaire catholique Monseigneur Jean Noë
  2. Bellewood Public School
  3. École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Thérèse
  4. École secondaire de Lamothe-Cadillac
  5. Assumption College School
A dad with his child
Windsor is one of the top Canadian cities for single parents due to extremely inexpensive real estate prices.

Windsor is also the hometown of the University of Windsor, which has more than 9 faculties and more than 15 000 students each academic year. If Windsor sounds like a nice place for raising children, consider hiring the best local movers to help you relocate as smoothly as possible. If you are based in Grimsby and want to relocate to Windsor, the best choice would be hiring movers Grimsby to help you out!

 Saskatoon- Top Canada city for single parents

Saskatoon is a Canadian city located in the center of the province of Saskatchewan. This is the most populous city in the province of Saskatchewan. Also, it is often called the City of Bridges, due to its seven river-crossing bridges. Saskatoon has more than 270 000 residents, and half of the population are families with kids younger than 18 years old. Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Saskatoon are Briarwood, Arobor Creek, Hillcrest Management Area, Lakeridge, Hudson Bay Industrial, Willow Grove, and Hampton Village. Saskatoons describe their city as safe, fast-growing, and full of young people.

A mom moving to one of the top Canada cities for single parents
If you check the list of qualities single parent look in a city to settle down, you’ll see that Saskatoon meets most of them!

The ability to lead not so expensive lifestyle is what attracts newcomers. You can find a nice 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house for 400k CAD. Meanwhile, you can rent nice apartments for around 2200 CAD per month. Saskatoon is known for having a great educational system. Some of the best-ranked schools are North Park Wilson School, École Sister O’Brien School, Aden Bowman Collegiate, St. Marguerite School, Pope John Paul II School, Ernest Lindner School, and St. Nicholas Catholic School. The great educational system, affordable lifestyle, and safe neighborhoods are some of the reasons why Saskatoon is considered one of the Top Canada cities for single parents! If you are interested in moving from Milton, ON to Saskatoon, for example, contact movers Milton ON and schedule your moving appointment today!

 Navigate moving as a single parent

If you have already moved before, you know that navigating a relocation as a single parent can be challenging. The best way to make a move easier is to hire professionals. However, before you hire your local movers Niagara Falls, you should be 100% sure you have chosen the right moving destination. Whether you opt for Oshawa, Gibsons, or Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, make sure you look into all pros and cons of these cities. Although all of them fall under the “top Canada cities for single parents” category, not every city will align with your wishes and needs. Therefore, take as much time as you need to pick the perfect one!