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There are so many things that can happen in a move. Moving is a complicated process on its own, without the unexpected waiting to happen. The one thing you also need to keep in mind is the human factor. Even though movers Brantford are professionals, they are still humans and make mistakes. Sometimes, this can lead to you not being very happy with the service. Having this in mind, it is very good to remember how to handle disputes with movers. Nobody likes problems, and this is a very sensitive and not at all pleasant situation. That is why you need to remain calm and focused when dealing with such a problem. Our aim is to help you through this and provide tips that could be useful.

The first step to a pleasant move is hiring good movers

If you want to avoid problems with your moving company as much as possible, your best bet is finding a good moving company with a solid reputation. You will handle disputes with movers much easier if they are honest, open to discussion, and listen to their clients. To do this right, you need to pay attention to moving reviews, as well as the rates they charge when making your choice. If you see that the reviews are mostly positive, you shouldn’t have problems. Be aware of overly positive reviews, as they can be scams.

white truck on the road
With skilled movers, there will be no problems or damage

As a good example, you can look up some of the moving companies Oakville Ontario and see what comes up. Additionally, make sure to arrange an appointment with the movers, along with an in-house estimate. Both of these will give you a clear picture of what you can expect, and how to plan ahead. As we mentioned before, even the best sometimes make mistakes. However, if you hire the absolute best, your chances of having trouble with movers are minimal.

Before you handle disputes with movers, go through your contract

The first thing to do before signing any contract is reading it entirely. And this does not only apply to moving contracts alone. Carefully read every point of the contract and make sure you understand everything, fine print included. If there is something you don’t understand, ask your mover to clarify. This is very helpful because it can help you handle disputes with movers easier. If you do not read the full contract, or fail to understand it, you could miss key details. Because of this, you could fail to file a claim, should the need arise. In the worst-case scenario where something does happen, read your contract again and see if you have some grounds to issue a complaint. Every company has a different method of working with customer complaints. What you need to do, is make sure those methods are clearly stated in the contract before signing it.

man signing a moving contract
Carefully read all parts of the contract before you sign in

In case something is damaged, check the contract for any clause specifying damages. There should be instructions on how and when to handle the problem. In most cases, all contracts follow a similar pattern. You have a certain period of time in which you can notify your movers and file a complaint. Usually, you get around 9 months after delivery to check if some of your items are damaged or missing. Get familiar with your contract and do not lose it or misplace it. Also, your contract will most likely include information about the amount of money you will be able to get from the claim. After all, your contract is ultimate proof should something go wrong.

A letter of complaint is a good start

If your items sustained damage, and you believe you deserve compensation, then you should sit down and write a complaint letter. Make it clear that the moving company failed to keep up their end of the contract, and did not perform as expected. Also, you need to be accurate and on-point, with as much clear evidence as possible. If you give direct reasoning, without overexaggerating, your letter will sound more serious. When writing your letter, you need to address the movers politely, yet firmly. You need to stand your ground if your movers break something valuable to you. If, however, you encounter a rude company that won’t cooperate, you may need to take it a step further.

person researching how to handle disputes with movers
Do your research and be informed about your rights

If you can’t handle disputes with movers easily, file a claim

Sometimes, things just refuse to go the easy way when it comes to disputes with movers. When it comes to moments like these, you need to know how to file a claim. Here are some important tips and information you need to know before filing one:

  • Check if the company you hired is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). If they are, you can contact AMSA directly and they will handle disputes with movers for you.
  • If you are moving locally, you can contact the regulatory agency of your state in case of a dispute.
  • In case the move is an interstate one, get in touch with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration so they can take over the case in your stead. They will look over your situation and take the necessary action.
  • Lastly, you can do this via the Better Business Bureau. The BBB will send the claim to the moving company, to which they have two weeks to respond. Usually, all claims are resolved within 30¬† business days.
three people handle disputes with movers
Remaining calm and focused is the best way to sort out problems with your movers

Patience is key when dealing with a moving dispute

The whole process can be very exhausting and drawn out. The move itself is stressful enough on its own, without a dispute unwanted dispute added on top of it. Because of this, before you handle disputes with movers, you need to mentally prepare yourself. Overreacting and losing your nerve in the process will do you no good. When dealing with this delicate problem, one absolutely needs to remain calm and focused on the task at hand, as difficult as it may seem. We hope this text helps you on your journey toward a successfully resolved claim.