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Pros and cons of shared storage units

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So, you are thinking about sharing a storage unit with your friend or friends. That can be a good idea! But, did you know that there are both pros and cons of shared storage units? In the following article, you can learn more about the downsides and upsides of shared storing! So you can decide whether or not this is a good idea you can use! Especially if you are planning to relocate anytime soon. But, you shouldn’t worry! If you have reliable Oakville movers at your side, you can rest easy knowing that your moving is done by the right crew!

One of the pros of shared storage units is shared costs

When it comes to shared storage units this is the main reason why people opt to share them with their friends. If by any chance you do not have enough money to rent a storage unit on your own, then certainly, the next best choice for you should be sharing it with your friend(s). Depending on the size of the unit you can go with one of several friends. But, if you do share it, then you can split the cost of renting between you and your friends. This proves to be an excellent choice when it comes to relocating on a tight budget. Since you will now have more money at your disposal, your moving budget will be more flexible. Making it easier to find the best movers in Hamilton Ontario for your upcoming relocation!

A woman showing thumbs up on shared storage units cost
One of the pros of shared storage units is the shared cost of the rent

Risk of not paying as one of the cons 

Now, one of the cons of shared storage units is that you and your friend(s) need to pay an equal amount of money for that shared storage units. Because of the possible financial insecurity, people sometimes do not have money for the rent, therefore making other co-renters have to pay their parts from their own pockets. This can become a huge deal if it is continuous and without any chance of changing. But, luckily you opted to share your storage units with your close and trusty friends.

A man showing empty pockets
Sometimes someone won’t have enough money for the rent

The size of the unit

Sometimes the sheer size of the storage unit is enough for people to decide to share it. If you happen to stumble upon an only available storage unit that is just too big for your needs, you might need someone to come in and share it with you. This is a perfect opportunity for both of you to share the unit and the costs. The good thing with bigger storage units is that you will probably have enough room to place all of the items inside them. And you won’t have any issues getting them out of the units as well. If by any chance you have to deal with a huge storage unit, then regular measuring tape won’t do the job. The best option here is to use a laser tape. But, don’t worry, it’s not that hard. There are guides on how to use a laser tape online!

The downside is only one person gets to be in charge

That’s right, only one person is in charge of the storage unit. Therefore there is no option for shared responsibilities. The thing is, it is for the best if you ask your friend(s) to sign the paperwork together! That way you can all have the same responsibilities as the storage unit. Knowing this, it will prevent any possible mishaps and issues of your trust. Because there are some instances where people swindled their friends out of the storage units. Because they had only their names written on the contract. Make sure you share your storage units with the people you trust and who are reliable. This will make it easier for all of you when the day comes when some of you will take their items out. This is the perfect opportunity to clean up the storage unit without stress!

A woman disagreeing
One of the downsides is having one person in charge

You do not have all the freedom to do whatever you want

With all the shared space and responsibilities, you do not have all the freedom to use the space however you want. If you wish to be a reliable and responsible partner in this storage unit sharing, then you should always know your boundaries. Not just you, your friends as well. People sometimes misuse the rust of other people, and then they start taking more and more space. Until you are just using the third of the storage unit but paying the same price. The thing is, you should all talk about what you can and can’t do in your storage units. This is a certain way that makes shared storage units a good idea. Because you all set the rules from the beginning!

a thumb down
You won’t be able to do whatever you want

If you get along with your friends they can even help you if you have to store large items in storage units such as furniture and other similar stuff. Furniture takes a lot of preparation and packing in order to properly store them in storage units. Which can be pretty impossible if you do now know how to properly store your furniture.

Shared storage units are a great idea if you do not have money. Or the storage unit has too much space you do not need. With all the pros and cons we mentioned up above, it will be easy for you to decide whether or not you should rent and share a storage unit with your friend. There are a lot of benefits to this that you can count on, and they all fall down to sharing the storage uint with reliable and good friends. If you have any experience in doing this, please let us know! You can leave a comment in the comment section below where you can tell other readers what they can expect!