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Moving to Quebec guide

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    Well, you have decided to move to Quebec. You should know that Quebec is the second-most populous city in Canada, after Ontario. The official language is French. It doesn’t matter where are you coming from, because you will need help at all times. But not just any help, but professional help is needed for moving to Quebec. That is the reason why we prepared this guide, so you will find it extremely helpful.

    Choose a good moving company for moving to Quebec

    Quebec is Canada’s largest province by its area of coverage. The climate is cold and humid, so if you are determined to move to Canada, you should know what to expect. In any case, you will need professional help to get there as safe as it is possible. For those reasons, hire Quebec movers which will make sure that your belongings get to Quebec undamaged. Have in mind that you are not a moving expert. And no one expects that from you. Therefore rely on your moving partner in order to have a safe relocation. Their experts will make sure that your belongings have a royal treatment. And when you have a true partner by your side you will feel protected.

    Before you get to Quebec, it is important to know that you will need to learn French. English is used but is not an official language. If you get a public job, for example in a restaurant you will need French. Because clients may insist that you talk to them in French. So, enrich your vocabulary, start learning French! Then you can apply for a job anywhere. Many employers in Quebec offer French classes, so if you already have in mind what kind of work you will do, ask about French classes immediately. Get on them and you will get to choose between jobs when you learn French.

    -books and chalk on the table
    If you want to live and work in Quebec you need to learn French.

    Arrange packing services

    Packing is one of the most important activities in the moving process. If you have delicate, fragile, expensive items don’t even think to move and pack on your own. Or if are just a very sain person, you would want for professional hand to guide you. It is best for you and your belongings to leave the relocation to professionals. Therefore, hire Number 1 Van Lines if you want professional packing services. Whether you are long-distance or interstate moving to Quebec, you need to look after your belongings. You don’t want anything to break or damage. Especially if you have expensive and fragile belongings like paintings or artwork.

    But, you will need time to accomplish all that. Let the moving company deal with relocation. Packing is a serious matter. Your movers will find adequate moving supplies for your belongings. And that means that you don’t have to worry about wrappings, right size moving boxes, tapes, etc. Only then you will have time to focus on living in Quebec. When you arrive in Quebec, the first thing you need to do is to apply for health insurance.  The importance of having health insurance is not something we need to explain more. So, start looking for the best offer for health insurance right away!

    -moving to Quebec
    For a successful moving to Quebec, you need adequate moving boxes

    The budget for moving to Quebec

    Another important issue that you need to deal with before you even begin with the moving process is defining the budget for moving. It is not easy work. It demands knowledge and experience. And let’s face it you are not an expert in the moving business. That is exactly the reason why you need professional help in defining the budget for moving to Quebec. In order to define the budget for moving in the right way and to include all the factors, call your movers and ask for a moving quote Quebec. Their experts will make sure that you have an estimate which is the most accurate there can be.

    All you need to do is to tell your movers everything they wan to know. And that is the whereabouts of your new home, does it have an elevator, do you need storage, etc. Your budget will be ready, just call them today!

    Another important thing when you arrive in Quebec is to get the driver’s license. Well, you will need one. Quebec has the weirdest signs for streets, but don’t despair. Just use maps on your cell phone and you will manage just fine. And here is one interesting thing. Quebec has the lowest tuition rates in the country, that is why Quebec university is one of the most affordable for students who come from far away. A reliable moving company needs to deal with relocation. And you need to deal with Quebec. Read and learn all about it, know the language, and soon you will be a true Canadian.

    A reliable moving company can help you with defining the budget for moving.


    For moving to Quebec, there are many things you need to know. Explore all your possibilities by using our instructions. It won’t be so hard we promise you! But, have in mind that you need to be relaxed al the time, so your new beginning in Quebec is fresh. Your movers will help you to relocate safely to Quebec. But it is up to you how will you manage there. So, start making an inventory list that will contain all the belongings you want to bring with you. It is definitely the time to get rid of the things you don’t use for years. You can donate them or recycle them. And at the same time reduce the moving costs.

    Just let go and put yourself into your mover’s hands. You won’t regret it for one moment. When the movers are proactive and focused on your relocation all becomes easy. But, for a successful move follow our guide and stay positive!