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Moving to Nova Scotia

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    Moving is an event that certainly makes your life different. Whether or not it makes your life better, depends on the circumstances and the reasons behind the move. However, it surely brings changes. And as long as you are able to find the positive sides of every change and embrace it as a good thing, everything will be just fine. You are moving to Nova Scotia, because of work, family, school, or perhaps just to experience a change of pace. Whatever the reason is, we’re sure you’re going to love it there. Here at Number 1 Van Lines, we value and respect your decision to move, and we’re more than happy to help you on the journey. This is why we have prepared this useful guide for your convenience. Even though moving may seem intimidating, it really is much simpler than you think.

    Before moving to Nova Scotia, you need to develop a solid plan

    Preparation is key in order for a relocation to go smoothly, no matter the distance or destination. To be most effective, you should start preparing for your relocation roughly two months in advance. You may want to increase this time to three months if you are moving to another state or even continent. So, let’s start preparing! The first step is taking inventory, and writing down the items you plan on moving. This needs to be done before packing because you definitely won’t pack your entire household. Use the time before your Nova Scotia movers arrive to declutter your home and get rid of some excess stuff. After all, the fewer items you have, the less packing you need to do. Once you finish the process of decluttering, you will have a good picture of how many items you have, and in turn, how much packing materials you will need.

    rocky cliffs of Nova Scotia
    Nova Scotia is waiting for you with open arms

    For a smooth and successful move, you need only the best packing materials

    Once you finish sorting out your items, getting rid of the surplus, and figuring out how much stuff you have to pack, its time to think what you will pack it in. Given the fact that you know how many items you’re working with, you can probably figure out how many materials you’ll need. Just to be safe, buy a bit more than you actually need. It is always better to have a surplus of supplies than to make those annoying return trips to the store. Moving to Nova Scotia will require you to arm yourself with moving supplies. Here we’re talking about cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, tape, wrapping paper, and markers. Keep in mind that there are ways to save money on supplies and boost your moving budget, without sacrificing quality:

    • Ask your moving company for supplies.
    • Old newspapers can be a great substitute for packing paper. Use them to wrap glasses and cups when packing them in boxes.
    • Cardboard boxes can be sourced from local shops and supermarkets. They usually have an abundance of boxes they’ll be glad to get rid of. Just make sure that they are intact, with no wear and tear or moisture signs.
    person writing in a notebook
    With a good moving plan, your move will be flawless
    • If you want to go green on your Nova Scotia move, consider using plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. They are durable with strong lids, and you reduce the waste left behind.
    • Shoe boxes can be repurposed for packing. They can contain small, light items, such as figurines or documents. This is a cheap and compact alternative.
    • If you have some old towels or blankets left over after decluttering, use them as padding! Wrap fragile items in them, or stuff them between boxes to reduce movement, once they are in the truck.

    After you have sorted out the materials, you can begin the packing process

    Moving to Nova Scotia is full of hurdles and obstacles, and so far you did a great job overcoming them. Now, however, comes the most important part. Ask anyone who has ever moved before and they will tell you that packing left them drained the most. So when it comes to preparation, this is the one step you have to tackle with maximum effort. A good idea is to start by packing the items you rarely use. This will get them out of your way from the get-go, and you will conserve your valuable energy for later. Leave your everyday items such as dishes and clothing for last. Every professional will tell you that you should pack your home room by room. Again, this is about energy, and organization, since jumping from room to room will just tire you out and confuse you.

    happy man in a red sweater
    Maintaining a positive attitude will be of great help during your relocation

    When you are done packing the room, leave all of the boxes that belong to it, in it. Label every box with a brief list of content for added clarity, just to make the unpacking process easier. Another valuable piece of advice we can give you is to prepare an essentials box. Pack this box right before the moving day, with the purpose of it being an emergency kit right after you move into your new home. It should contain a few changes of clothes, some food, and the needed medicine and toiletries, just enough to get you through the first few days. Make good use of your packing materials, and use plenty of them. We’re talking about the safety of your precious items, so do your best to secure them to the best of your abilities.

    Moving to Nova Scotia is easy with a good attitude

    There are so many things to learn and overcome in a relocation. We hope that our tips and instructions can make the whole process just a little bit easier for you. And even though moving may seem like a scary endeavor, believe us when we say, it really isn’t that difficult. One of the most important things you need to remember is that your mood plays an important role. If you take on the relocation in high spirits and a positive mindset, nothing can stop you. Plan everything out, declutter your home, and pack with perfection. These three steps, paired with a positive attitude, will make moving to Nova Scotia a simple and fun task.