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Moving to Canada from the USA – simple guide

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If you are planning your relocation to Canada anytime soon, then you need to make proper arrangements. There are a lot of things you need to finish up before you move. Starting with excess items, finding packing materials, looking for movers etc. We are aware of all of those things that can make your relocation hard and we decided to write a simple guide about moving to Canada from the USA. Continue reading our article to find out more about it!

What to do before moving to Canada from the USA

If you are sure about your moving to Canada from the USA then you need to start with your preparations immediately!  What you need to know first is what factors influence the moving price before you move to Canada. Now, there are quite a few of them, but right now, you should focus on the biggest one. And that is how many items you are transporting! IF you transport more items, the moving estimate will be higher! So, the first thing you need to do before moving to Canada from the USA is to declutter your home.

Items people are getting rid of before Moving to Canada from the USA
Try to declutter your home before moving to Canada from the USA

And  there are several ways you can do this, like:

  • Give them away to someone who needs them more. Or as gifts to your friends who help you find reliable movers Brantford Ontario before moving to Canada from the USA.
  • Throw them away by calling your local garbage and junk disposal agencies near you.
  • Sell them in garage sales where you can earn some extra cash you can use to get some extra moving services from your movers

These are just the basic steps you can take in getting rid of those excess items in your home you do not need anymore! Remember, fewer items you have to carry, lower the moving cost!

Start gathering the packing supplies

Although this process can take a short amount of time to complete, it is absolutely recommended to do it as early as possible. Because if anything happens or you need some extra packing materials you will have enough time to respond to the situation. Furthermore, you will also have enough time to pack everything properly. So by the time the movers arrive, you will have everything ready. There are few ways you can get those packing materials such as:

  • Used cardboard boxes are almost always free from local stores! Check out grocery stores, shoe stores etc for some used boxes you can use for your relocation.
  • Packing and wrapping materials – you already have half of them in your household. Like used newspapers, blankets etc.
  • Scissors, labels, markers, packing ropes etc
stockpiled moving boxes
You can find free moving boxes on a lot of places

These items will help you a lot when it comes to packing your stuff for relocation. Long-distance moving to Canada from the USA requires a lot of patience. Take it easy! And if you find it a bit stressful then you should leave it to the professionals to pack your items. Rely on moving companies Oakville Ontario when it comes to packing and moving services!

Take your time and relax

By now you have already done almost half of the moving preparation! Because you decluttered your home, now you can easily start with the packing process. Along with the search for a reliable moving company. But remember, this part of the move can be very stressful, which is very important to accept as something serious. Do not stress yourself out over these things! They are very bad for your health and stress can cause a lot of problems. Instead, remember to make short five minute breaks just so you won’t overburn over your move. Some cultures believe that the best way to relax is over a good cup of tea. Why not learn how to make the best tea ever?

a woman drinking tea
One of the ways to relax is having a cup of tea

Start looking for movers

Moving to Canada from the USA  will require a good moving company. This being said, you will have to take your time when it comes to finding movers. What makes a good moving company well, good? There are several factors that influence how good a moving company is. Besides having a good review on them, and how much positive feedbacks are, there are others like:

  • Having experienced movers means a lot because they know how to handle your items
  • Good moving trucks and vans – meaning your items will be transported in the safest way
  • They have exceptional moving services
  • Their price is acceptable
stockpiled coins
Good movers will have affordable prices

These are the makings of a good moving company and they can offer you a lot of good moving services. For instance, there are a lot of upsides of professional unpacking you can learn about. Leaving the unpacking process to the professionals means you will have time to focus on other things as well!

Know where you move

It is one thing to move to another place, but whole other if you are moving somewhere with a different climate. People do find it hard to adapt to a completely different place! So it is a good idea to learn more about the place you are about to move in. There are guides for adapting to another climate! It will help you a lot with the after the move period.

Moving to Canada from the USA shouldn’t be that hard, once you have read our guide! We hope this article provided you with enough information you will need for your upcoming relocation! If you have anything to add up to this, please feel free to leave us your feedback!