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Moving tips for people with disabilities

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Moving for a person with a disability may requires a bit more planning. But it is possible like for any other person. As we all know, any successful move is a combination of planning, care, and assistance. And by hiring Number 1 Movers you will get any assistance. Also, you will complete the move in the easiest possible way. Here are some moving tips for people with disabilities. They can help them, as well as anyone else preparing to move.

The first of the moving tips for people with disabilities is planning

Those who were moving before are aware that good planning is half of the job. The planning starts with creating a Moving Checklist. This is actually a list of the tasks that have to be done. There, you will note everything, from packing to changing the utility services. Most of those admin tasks you can complete by phone or email. Also, make sure to mark all tasks that are difficult for you. Or that you can’t complete.  For all such tasks, you can hire Hamilton movers.

Moving tips for people with disabilities - close up photo of person using Braille letters.
Moving for a person with disabilities requires a bit more planning.

Before you move, make sure that your new home is suitable for you

This will depend on your disability. Maybe your new home is not meeting the necessary requirements. In such a case, hire professionals to make accessibility updates. And, you have to do that before the moving date.

Check the moving companies that are good for people with disabilities and for your needs

Before you decide to hire a moving company, you have to check them. First, you have to make sure they are offering the services you need. It would be waste of time to check companies specialized in interstate moves if you are moving locally. So, that is the first criteria to apply. Once you have a list of companies doing local moves, check them.

When you are checking moving companies, you can do it:

  • By asking for recommendations from people that were recently moving
  • Checking reviews of the moving companies

When you are making checks, cross out all companies that were not suitable for you.

Microphone near laptop.
Some disabled persons might need help with electronics.

Call the moving companies and ask for an on-site estimation

Depending on the degree of your disability, this can be the best option. The representatives will check the number of things you are moving. Also, they will measure the things and corridors. That will give them the base to make a reliable cost estimate. 

Since you will get costs estimates from a few companies, compare them. Don’t concentrate only on the price. Take into consideration the services that local movers Hamilton offer.

People with disabilities may need some additional services

Check with your mover what other services they are offering. Due to your condition, you may need some assistance with electronics. Ask them if they could help with moving your IT equipment. In such a case, they will unplug, pack and move your computer. Or some other electrical things. Also, they may reinstall them in your new home.

Do people with disabilities need help with unpacking?

If so, ask your mover if they can do it for you. And how much this additional service would cost you. All those information will help you to adjust your moving budget.

Moving is not easy for anyone, let alone people with disabilities

All the persons who are moving are passing the same process. And this, regardless of whether they are people with disabilities or not. They have to plan, pack, and find a suitable mover. They also have to complete the mailing and bank addresses change, and transfer the utility services. It is also recommendable to change the door lock. So, moving is a lot more than just moving the furniture and a few other belongings to your new place. We hope that the moving tips for people with disabilities helped you.