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Moving from Hamilton to Cambridge- The ultimate moving guide

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A sight you will see all the time after moving from Hamilton to Cambridge

Although Hamilton and Cambridge are only about 50km apart, these cities still have significant differences in population, location, culture, business opportunities, and education. So, for this reason, regardless of whether it’s a long or short-distance move, you must always be well prepared for what awaits you after it. Or, to put it more simply, you must be well informed. Another important thing is planning your move. Luckily, movers Ontario can help you with that, as they are an indispensable part of every move. Meanwhile, here’s the ultimate guide for moving from Hamilton to Cambridge which will help you prepare for this move!

What are the reasons for moving from Hamilton to Cambridge?

As Cambridge movers can confirm, planning is an essential aspect of any move, especially when relocating from one city to another. And one of the most important tasks when planning a move include comparing your old and new cities. Being a Hamilton resident yourself, you already know that Hamilton is a port city located in the province of Ontario, Canada, with a population of approximately 536,917 people. It is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, natural beauty, and diverse economy. Hamilton is home to several post-secondary institutions, including McMaster University and Mohawk College, as well as major employers such as Stelco and Hamilton Health Sciences. However, it’s not that affordable to live in, and for some people, big city life might be too much. That’s why many Hamilton residents consider moving to Cambridge.

Cambridge can be considered one of the great places in the Waterloo region, especially for family life.

Cambridge is a smaller city located about an hour’s drive east of Hamilton, with a population of approximately 136,000 people. It is situated along the Grand River and is famous for its historic architecture, natural surroundings, and strong economy. It also offers excellent business opportunities and is also considered a growing industrial center. Some of the main industries are manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. Another reason why you should move here is that Cambridge is considered an ideal place for families, so if you have a children, this will be an ideal place for you!

Things to consider when moving from Hamilton to Cambridge

Before you decide on moving from Hamilton to Cambridge for good, you need to compare the cost of living between the two cities. While Cambridge is generally more affordable than Hamilton, it’s important to ensure that the move fits within your budget. Also, consider the type of housing you’ll need, such as apartment, townhouse or house, and how it compares in terms of pricing, neighborhood and proximity to schools or work. Moreover, you also need to think about the availability and cost of transportation options in the area. For example, will you need to commute for work in Cambridge, and if so, what are your options? Also, it’s important to research job opportunities in Cambridge and compare them to what’s available in Hamilton. Finally, if you have children, research schools in the area and consider factors such as quality, location, and extracurricular activities.

Cost of living and housing options in Cambridge and Hamilton

If you have decided to move to Cambridge, keep in mind that the cost of living is 75% higher than the national average. Living expenses for one person on a monthly basis are $1,918; for a family of four, they are $4,210, according to Meanwhile, the costs are even higher in Hamilton, and according to the same site, they amount to $1,925 for one person and $4,417 for a family of four.

Family after moving to Cambridge
Cambridge is a family city, and the cost of living is a little lower compared to Hamilton.

Housing prices can vary significantly between different neighborhoods within both cities. However, Cambridge generally has a wider range of more affordable housing options, including apartments and townhouses, which can be harder to find in some areas of Hamilton. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the average home price in Hamilton as of March 2022 was $895,918, while the average home price in Cambridge was $697,116.

Education opportunities

Both Hamilton and Cambridge have a variety of primary and secondary schools, including public, Catholic, and private institutions. The quality of education can vary between schools, so it’s important to research specific schools in each city when considering educational opportunities. The same goes if you’re planning to pursue higher education in one of those cities.

For example, Hamilton is home to several famous post-secondary institutions, including McMaster University, Mohawk College, and Redeemer University College. However, there will be plenty of educational institutions if you move to Cambridge as well! Cambridge is home to Conestoga College, which is one of Ontario’s largest and fastest-growing colleges. The college offers a wide range of certificate, diploma, degree, and apprenticeship programs in areas such as business, engineering, health sciences, and skilled trades. The University of Waterloo School of Architecture also has a campus in Cambridge, offering a unique opportunity for students interested in studying architecture.

Climate and weather differences between Hamilton and Cambridge

These two cities are relatively close, but there are climatic differences that are affected by their location. Hamilton is located near Lake Ontario, which makes the city wetter and cooler in the summer. For example, in the month of July, the temperature is up to 26°C. When it comes to Cambridge, this city is located on the mainland, that is, in the central part. And with that in mind, the city is warmer, with summer temperatures up to 28°C. And the winters are cold, with a lot of precipitation down to -5°C.

How to prepare for the move?

So, now that you’ve familiarized yourself with some of the main differences between Hamilton and Cambridge, it’s time to start preparing for your move. First of all, look for reliable Hamilton movers, who will help you the most in this process. And then you can start solving moving tasks. During your move, tasks like packing and organizing belongings, updating addresses and transferring utilities, and making travel arrangements await you. It’s very important that you complete these tasks by the final day of your move so that you are completely ready to go.

A woman packing for moving from Hamilton to Cambridge with kids.
Start your preparations earlier in order to be completely ready for moving from Hamilton to Cambridge.

Moving can be a really difficult process, especially if you are moving with children. While in the course of moving, packing can take the most time. That is why it’s very important to organize your move properly and to have the best movers by your side. And what can be of the greatest help to you at this moment are Hamilton moving services, which are designed to facilitate the whole thing, and make your move simple and easy.

Are you ready for moving?

So, as you can see, Cambridge and these are two close but completely different cities. And through this story, you could learn about the main differences. If you are sure of your decision and ready to face everything that awaits you, start moving from Hamilton to Cambridge and start a new chapter of your life. Good luck!


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