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    Coquitlam is a city in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Chiefly rural, Coquitlam is the 6th biggest city in the region, with a populace of 139,284 out of 2016, and one of the 21 districts including Metro Vancouver. The civic chairman is Richard Stewart. This city also has moving company Coquitlam which help many companies to move around Canada.

    moving company Coquitlam
    moving company Coquitlam

    Coquitlam is arranged around 10 to 15 km (6.2 to 9.3 mi) east of Vancouver, where the Coquitlam River interfaces with the Fraser River and expands upper east along the Pitt River toward the Coquitlam and Pitt lakes. Coquitlam borders Burnaby and Port Moody toward the west, New Westminster toward the southwest, and Port Coquitlam toward the southeast. Burke Mountain, Eagle Ridge, and 1,583 m (5,194 ft) tall Coquitlam Mountain structure the northern limit of the city. Coquitlam’s zone, 152.5 square kilometers (58.9 sq mi), is around multiple times bigger than either Port Moody or Port Coquitlam.

    Like Vancouver, Coquitlam is in the Pacific Time Zone (winter UTC−8, summer UTC−7), and the Pacific Maritime Ecozone.

    Coquitlam’s geographic shape can be considered as an inclined hourglass, with two bigger bundles of land with a more modest focal area interfacing them.

    Southwest Coquitlam includes the first center of the city, with Maillardville and Fraser River modern area offering route to the enormous neighborhoods of Austin Heights, conversationally alluded to as “The Bump” because of its high and level geology. These more seasoned homes, with bigger property measurements, are progressively being destroyed and supplanted with more current and bigger homes. The Poirier Street territory was the city’s unique sporting focus with the Coquitlam Sports Center, Chimo Aquatic and Fitness Center, and sports fields situated there, while City Hall was recently found further south in Maillardville.