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Legitimate Ways Movers Can Increase Your Final Cost

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A man counting money preparing it for unexpected moving expenses since there ar eplenty of legitimate ways movers can increase your final cost.

Running out of money mid-move is the worst kind of moving nightmare. There are many other bad things that can happen, but cash flow running dry is one of the worst things that can happen. You might be left stranded or you might have to reorganize or postpone your move if that happens. But sometimes, a big bill surprises clients at the very end. That is also not that nice, granted not as horrible as simply running out of money, but still. Luckily, there’s a way around that. Knowing all the legitimate ways movers can increase your final cost might help you stay within your means without risking any extra costs. That way, you’ll be able to hire reliable movers, like Number 1 Movers, without having to worry about all the extra costs.

Being ready on time is one of the best ways to avoid movers increasing your final cost

Well, that sounds silly. Who wouldn’t be ready on time for a relocation? You’d be surprised to hear, but many people struggle to meet the agreed time. When that happens a move has to be pushed to another date. Since that can create problems for residential movers Ontario offers, and you hired, it’s usually quite pricy to do so. If they simply move your move to another date without charging you, they are losing money since they could be moving someone else. This is perhaps one of the most common yet legitimate ways movers may increase your final cost. So make sure to be ready on time!

A clock on a work desk.
Time is extremely valuable in moving and it costs a lot!

You can expect extra costs if you fail at packing and some or all boxes require repacking

Packing for a move is notoriously hard and tedious. That’s why many people fail horribly at it. It’s always best to hire professionals to do it for you. However, if you don’t have money to spend on professional packers, at least make sure to do a decent job. If you don’t pack your boxes properly, some of them may need redoing. And then you have no choice but to pay professionals to do it. No movers will wait for you to repackage boxes on a moving day. So make sure to pack your moving boxes well, no matter how much time or effort it takes! Because if you don’t, you can expect the movers to increase your final cost significantly.

The top legitimate way movers increase final costs is the added inventory

You may expect that it’s fine to add a few extra boxes here and there without anyone noticing. But, you’re very much wrong. Movers usually give estimates based on the weight of belongings. That means that if you go over the estimated weight, they’ll know. That, unfortunately, can add quite a bit extra in terms of cost. In that case, no amount of budgeting for your move will save you, you’ll just have to pay extra money. So in order to avoid extra costs either look for movers that offer “binding” or “binding not-to- exceeded estimates”, or even try decluttering before the move to bring down the costs even more.

Extra stops increase the final costs of moving

If you’re planning a low-cost move in Toronto, Ontario, or any other part of Canada for that matter, make sure to gather everything before the movers get there. If you don’t want any extra costs racking up, you should avoid extra stops. By that, we don’t really mean stopping to stretch your legs if you’re moving long-distance. You’ll probably be driving separately from your movers anyway. What we mean is having your movers pick up things or drop off things in other places besides your address. Having movers go to your storage unit to pick up some of your belongings is one of the ways movers can legitimately increase your final costs. So in order to avoid that, make sure to have everything ready with you and make sure to do tasks like that by yourself.

Two movers in a moving van.
One of the most common legitimate ways movers can increase your final cost is them having to stop multiple places to pick up or drop off your belongings!

Adding more and more services that you might not need can significantly impact the final cost

Movers in Ontario offer anything from basic to specialized moving services Ontario residents recommend. But these services can get quite pricey if you get all of them. And do you need all of them? Maybe, but probably not. If you wish to save as much money as possible or avoid movers increasing your final cost, you might want to think hard about what services you really need. Especially last-minute service can rack up the final cost quite a bit. So you might want to either plan everything in advance or just do things yourself.

Unexpected storage is one of the main legitimate ways movers increase final costs

Realizing you need last-minute storage is not only stressful but also very expensive. Sure, you might be able to ask a friend or a family member to drop off a few boxes at their place. However, if there’s a lot of bulky things that require storing, that’s probably not going to be an option. Storage is sometimes the only way. But even short-term storage can be a hit on a wallet if you’re not ready for it. Not everyone can afford to spend a hundred bucks on last-minute storage for a few days. Because of that, you should be smart and plan everything in advance in order to avoid such mishaps.

A couple carrying boxes for storage.
Try avoiding last-minute storage since it can be quite pricey!

There are plenty of legitimate ways movers could increase your final cost, you just have to be one step ahead

When moving, planning properly is extremely important. Especially if you’re hoping to move on a budget or save as much money as possible. However, there are plenty of sneaky moving costs that can add up quickly. But luckily, just being aware of all the legitimate ways movers can increase your final cost, you’ll be able to prevent that from happening. With a bit of planning, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to pay just what’s necessary and not a cent more.