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How to keep your storage sanitized

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keep your storage sanitized

Keeping your storage in the right condition so it doesn’t get dirty and dusty is not hard if you know what are the things you have to do to keep it that way. But, keeping it sanitized means taking it one or two steps further. So, you don’t just want it to not be dirty, you want it to be as clean as possible. If you decided to keep your storage sanitized, you can do it with advice from us here at Number 1 Movers. Everything will be more than fine this way and you will be ready to store your belongings for a long time, without issues. Keeping your belongings cleaned and sanitized while storing them is a great way to avoid getting them damaged.

Using a storage unit is a great idea compared to storing at home

Storing items in your home is not as good of an idea as storing things in a storage unit. Using a storage unit means that your belongings will most likely be completely safe until you need them again. So, getting a safe and secure unit should be your number one goal. You can simply leave it to professional movers to get these items from your home to your storage unit and you will have them stored without any issues. Once you think you found the right unit, you also have to make sure you get the right packing supplies.

storage units
You will make the right choice if you get a storage unit

Packing supplies are also important for keeping your storage unit clean

Once you decided to look for the packing supplies, you will easily pack and store all your belongings. But, choosing the right kind of packing supplies is just not as easy. That is why you need to make sure you know what are the right packing supplies for you. First of all, you should make sure you get a packing service if you need one. Professional packers can take care of your belongings the right way in no time.

But, before you get to this part, you should know that getting the plastic boxes is a much better choice than getting the cardboard ones when you want to keep your storage sanitized. The reason is that you don’t want dust in your storage, and cardboard boxes generate dust particles, so getting the plastic ones is a much better choice, plus, it’s eco-friendly. So, if you get a storage Ontario¬†residents recommend, you will have nothing to worry about.

When it comes to packing, another thing you have to do is make sure you pack everything in these plastic boxes. The reason for it is that plastic boxes and cases are easy to clean and if you decided to clean your unit, you can simply take every box out of it without having to get all the small items, and then just clean them and clean the shelves and that is it.

A man packing
You should use plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes

How can you keep your storage sanitized?

When you solved getting all the plastic boxes and making sure that everything is inside, you are only halfway done. You have to use the sanitizing solution¬†and make sure you wipe all the shelves and all the boxes. If you are storing large items that couldn’t be placed in a box, you should make sure you cover them with clothes or plastic foil. You will hopefully have no issues with dust this way as well. Some of the other things you should do are:

  • Before you place any item in the storage unit, it has to be cleaned really good so you can be sure that it will be clean and ready to be stored
  • Let your unit get some fresh air every now and then. This way, your belongings will be safer inside and they won’t get stale. Your storage will smell better and the chances that the pests will avoid a clean, aired unit.
  • Never keep any food inside. You have to avoid storing food or perishables. Not only for the danger of pests but also because the smell will be gross if you do it.
  • Another thing that you have to do is make sure you get all the things out of the unit and clean it once again every now and then.
  • You can use products that repel pests just in case. This way, you are avoiding getting your belongings dirty with mice, rats, and insects.

This way, you will keep your unit nice and fresh. Keep hand sanitizing gel there too just so you have some. You should keep your hands clean and clean them before you get into the unit.

You will do a great job if you take good care of your unit

Your unit will be clean if you look after the things that are stored

Once you find a nice unit, you will have nothing to worry about. Clean the unit really nice if you want to make it easier maintaining it clean. And, everything will be just fine. You should have no issues with keeping your belongings clean or safe here so relax and do one thing at a time. By taking care of your unit, you are taking good care of your belongings, and that is the goal after all- getting your belongings stored for as long as you need, without any issues. And, without getting them damaged. Once you need your belongings, you can simply make sure you get everything out. And, you can use it right away since everything is clean already. You will be also able to move in no time this way, avoiding cleaning everything once again. So, keep your storage sanitized this way.