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How are musical instruments moved by moving companies in Halifax?

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    No doubt moving is a tedious task especially if it is a long-distance move but it becomes easier and hassle-free with the help of professional Movers Halifax. Professional moving companies handle all tasks i.e starting from packing your stuff to throwing out the packing materials after unboxing. While moving the most important thing we are concerned about is to receive our items intact as we develop a certain emotional and sentimental value towards the items. Musical instruments can be one of the most exquisite and valued items for a customer. As musical instruments are much costlier and fragile it’s better to hire a customized moving service for relocating your valuable possession.

    As we know music and instruments allow you to express your feelings and emotions therefore if anything happens to your musical instruments you’ll probably feel anguished. After your move, you may receive your bed, couch, dining sets, clothes, and books intact but that’s not the case with your musical instruments. They are complex and do not stay solidly in the moving trucks or vans which may cause damage during the journey. Musical instruments can range from a large size piano to a small ukulele or a mouth organ. In that case, proper packing and a professional moving company is a must! it’s better not to hire a cheap company for moving your instruments as the professional movers are most likely to use good quality packing materials, boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, or a customized wooden box to carry your fragile items. However, you may find it difficult to pack larger items like piano and drum sets by yourself so it is highly recommended to hire professional movers. The maximum weight of a studio piano ranges from 400lbs to 500lbs. Heavy and quilted moving pads or bubble wrap should be used to protect the piano. As pianos cover a large space and a heavyweight, professional movers use dollies and skids to transfer the instrument safely. Closing and locking the keyboard lid is another important step. If the legs of your piano are removal then the movers will remove the legs as they can break easily, the movers also put additional legs to the piano for the time being. By removing its legs it becomes easier and more convenient to move through narrow passages or hallways. The movers then place the piano securely in the truck so that it stays in the place and does not move from its place during the transfer. As for the stringed instruments, they are a different kind of hassle to deal with. For instance the violin, guitar, ukulele, etc. Stringed instruments are difficult to ship because a small bump from a speed breaker can damage the strings or crack the neck of your guitar or violin, however, the strings of the instruments should be loosened slightly so that the temperature won’t be able to strain them. The movers can also loosen the bows where applicable for the same reason. If you have a hard case for your guitar or violin then they do not need to be packed in a cartoon but if you have only a soft case then the company will wrap the strings and instrument completely before putting it into a cartoon. Drum sets are likely to receive scratches during a move so the professional movers will dismantle the parts of the drum set and pack them separately. For example, the legs and head of the set will be removed and packed individually with a lot of bubble wrap and cushioning and then put into it a cartoon according to its size. Other instruments such as harmonica, trumpet, keyboard, etc are also packed with proper bubble wrap and padding depending on their sizes.

    As we know musical instruments need a lot of care and proper padding techniques it’s important to choose a reputed professional moving company. Whether you are a professional musician or play instruments for your own sake or pleasure all you want is to receive your beloved instruments safe and secure.