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Gallery & Museum Moving Services by Movers Montreal

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    “There is no standing still because time is moving forward.” -Greg Lake

    Your priceless collections, and antiquities need to be managed with care, and respect. Even though museum/gallery artefacts have to stand still at one spot, there may be occasional times when these timeless pieces would need to be moved. The quote mentioned above, perfectly sums up what gallery/museum moving services mean. If you are looking for movers Montreal to get your professional gallery/museum moving done, then you have arrived at the right spot!Seeking, and finalising on a moving company that appropriately understands your highly specialised requirements is a frustrating task. That’s when we come into the picture. As the best movers in Canada for whopping twenty-two years, there is no one better than us to understand all the concerns of your still, gallery/museum world. We at number 1 movers are a team of highly trained, and experienced experts who will make sure your valuable collection is taken care of in the right way. You can consider us as the proven, and professional museum/gallery movers in Canada for over twenty-two years!

    All these years we have transported priceless, and timeless works of art, some ancient artefacts, pieces of some monumental discoveries, and are now readily available to put our expertise to work for your gallery, and museum relocation.

    A woman looking over fine art in a museum
    Museums and galleries need specialized moving services


    Meticulous Safety/Protection at every step-

    As experts in the museum/gallery moving services, we are highly-skilled in loading, unloading, assembling, reassembling, installing, and uninstalling display cases, shelves, modular systems, and much more! With so much experience in the field, we have devised amazing strategies to overcome the long process by developing specialised plans, and executing them well for your detailed, exhibits/pieces.Number 1 movers recognises that a gallery’s/museum’s move can pose a difficult challenge. We understand that your gallery/museum pieces such as fine arts, antiques, rare books, skeleton structures, and other artefactscannot be replaced. That is why we properly treat your belongings with utmost care.Here are some of the ways we treat your valuables-

    • A certified moving team takes care of your belongings for a full-time duration. Our team is certified to get customized moving solutions ready for you. We also do packing, crating, and unloading.
    • We are in constant contact with the museum curator to effectively manage the relocation of your artefacts, and artworks.
    • We have the right equipment to carry your special highly-valued items.
    • Specialized care for fragile items.
    A dinosaur skeleton hanging in a museum
    Fragile items are best handled by expert movers

    As the professional movers Montreal, we treat your priceless artworks, and artefacts with specialised, and customized care/treatment they deserve. There is no one better than us to understand the importance, and value behind these pieces, while also understanding their significance in the industry. That is why we provide an unparalleled attention, and service to you. So trust the best movers in Canada, and leave the rest!