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Do You Need to Pay a Deposit on Moving Day?

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    Pay a deposit on moving day or in advance. You will get your money back if you are dealing with professionals.

    It’s normal to put down some money if you are booking a flight, restaurant table, cinema tickets or a lot of other services. Therefore, you should know that some moving companies require some deposit in advance too. Movers want a guarantee that you won’t cancel the move at the last moment and bail out because that cost them money also. Now, let’s see should you pay a deposit on moving day.

    Do you need to pay a Deposit on Moving day?

    A professional moving company such as Stoney Creek movers will most likely ask for some deposit in advance. Therefore, you won’t pay a deposit on moving day, you will need to do that way earlier, especially if you are booking the moving company a few months ahead. You will put some money down when you hire a moving company and schedule the moving day. Also, most of the moving companies require a deposit if you are booking one of the season peak days. Their services are in high demand then and if they don’t have a guarantee and you change your mind at the last moment, they will lose money.

    A Deposit is an Insurance for the mover

    We have already established that you won’t pay a deposit on moving day but a few months before that. A deposit is an insurance for the mover because if you, as a customer, cancel the service, they can have some compensation for their lost opportunities to get some profit.

    However, you should know that the deposit is refundable most of the time and it should be only a small amount. Therefore, before you hire Grimsby movers or any other moving company, it is highly recommended to compare their prices and ask if they are charging a deposit or not.

    Should you pay a deposit on moving day? Yes or a few weeks in advance.
    Most of the professional moving companies will ask for a deposit in advance.

    Moving companies require a deposit? – Yes or No?

    It’s not strange if your professional mover asks for some deposit in advance in order to secure the moving day. But, you should know that not all the movers will ask for a deposit, it really depends on a company and their policy. According to the law, every professional mover can set their own rules for payments and deposits. However, they are obligated to describe these rules to their customers.

    It doesn’t mean that every mover will ask for a deposit. However, most of the professional movers with a good reputation will, especially in big cities where the rate of house movers is very high.

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    Why are the Moving Company deposits required?

    Almost every moving company has a reservation calendar that helps them plan the jobs and do as many as they can. Also, they will always try to satisfy their customers and provide the best services. So, let’s see now why are the moving company deposits required?

    • If their services are in high demand, they have to be careful when they are accepting new jobs
    • They will always think and take care of their reputation
    • Last minute cancellations disrupt their job and affect other customers
    • A moving deposit means commitment

    However, paying upfront can bring you a headache if you have to cancel the reservation. Also, you have to be careful because there are some scam companies who would take your deposit up front and then disappear.

    Monitor, keyboard and an ipad with a calendar on.
    Moving companies are using reservation calendar.

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    A reasonable moving house deposit

    As we already mentioned, asking for a deposit is a common movers practice nowadays. Every moving company has their own rules, policies, and conditions. A moving deposit varies from one mover to another and on the location, short or long distance one. These are the things you should know about moving deposit:

    • If the city is expensive, the moving deposit will be higher because the cost of the moving labor will be higher
    • The deposit will be higher if you choose one of the peak days or season
    • Long distance mover will charge more than your local mover
    • The moving deposit depends on the size of your move

    A moving deposit should be from 100$ to 500$ and everything over that is not reasonable. If your mover asks for more money, consider hiring another one because this one can scam you.

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    Little wooden house and three piles of coins.
    A moving deposit varies from one mover to another!

    Are moving deposits refundable?

    If you want to know if your deposit is refundable, ask your professional mover, because everything depends on them. Usually, deposits are refundable within a certain period of time.

    Most of the time you will get 100% refund if you send a two weeks cancelation notice. Or, if you decide to change the day of your move you won’t have any rescheduling fees if you notify your mover at least five business days in advance. However, if the new moving date doesn’t suit your needs, you may or may not get the deposit back. As we already said, everything depends on a professional mover you have hired.

    Be careful when a mover asks you for a moving deposit

    It’s normal if mover asks for a moving deposit. But, there are some things you should pay attention to in order not to get scammed:

    • The deposit should be a small amount of money. The deposit should not exceed more than 25% of the total moving cost. If a mover asks you for more money (over 50%), consider hiring another professional mover.
    • The deposit should always go toward the final cost of the move. That means it will never be a separate fee!
    • There’s the difference between a broker and a professional moving company. A moving company may or may not ask for a deposit but the broker will always ask for it.
    Paying with a credit card.
    You should always use a credit card or a check for the deposit.
    • Do not ever pay for a moving deposit in cash! Always use a credit card or check. If something goes wrong, it will be easier to get your money back if you are not paying in cash.

    We hope that this article was helpful for you to understand should you or not pay a deposit on moving day. Have a nice move and good luck!