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    Brantford, city, seat (1852) of Brant province, southeastern Ontario, Canada, on the Grand River. It began as Brant’s Ford, named for Joseph Brant, the popular Mohawk boss who was conceded the site in 1784 for the settlement of the Six Nations (see Iroquois Confederacy) after the American Revolution. White settlement dates from 1805. Brantford is currently a farming and mechanical focus. Makes incorporate materials and agrarian, auto, and refrigeration hardware. This city also has a Brantford moving company which helps many companies to move around Canada.

    Brantford moving company
    Brantford moving company

    The city, 20 miles (35 km) southwest of Hamilton, is the site of Ontario’s most seasoned Protestant (Episcopal) church, Her Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks, implicit 1785. Other Indian affiliations are reflected in the Brant County Museum and Archive, Chiefswood (the origination [1861] of the Native American writer Pauline Johnson and a public noteworthy site), the Kanata Iroquois Village (a re-making of a 1600s longhouse and settlement), and the yearly Six Nations Native Pageant in August. The estate of Alexander Graham Bell’s dad, close to Brantford, is currently a Canadian public notable site. In August 1876 Bell was forced to bear the first way significant distance call, sent from Brantford to close by Paris, Ontario, over a message wire. Inc. town, 1847; city, 1877. Pop. (2011) 93,650; (2016) 97,496.