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    Wetaskiwin is a city in the territory of Alberta, Canada. The city is found 70 kilometres (43 mi) south of the common capital of Edmonton. The city name comes from the Cree word Wetaskiwin, signifying “the slopes where harmony was made”.

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    Wetaskiwin is home to the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, a gallery committed to praising “the soul of the machine” just as the Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum, which reports the pioneer appearance and way of life in Wetaskiwin’s initial years. Southeast of Wetaskiwin, the Alberta Central Railway Museum recognizes the effect that the railroad had on Central Alberta. Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame is likewise found a short leave the historical center. This city also has movers in Corner Wetaskiwin which helps people to move in or outside the city.

    The city is notable in Western Canada for the trademark and jingle “Vehicles cost less in Wetaskiwin”, from the Wetaskiwin Auto Dealers Association. Both have been on paper, radio, and TV promotions since the mid-1970s.

    The future area of Wetaskiwin was at one time the site of a fight between the Cree and the Blackfoot. In 1890, when the Calgary and Edmonton Railway was assembled, it turned into a whistle-stop, and was known as Siding 16. In 1892, it was named Wetaskiwin to remember the fight. Soon after the zone was studied, a gathering of Scandinavian outsiders settled at the townsite. Various organizations were set up, just as a paper, the Free Lance.

    In 1900, a Baptist church was coordinated. After one year, the town, with a populace of more than 500, and was authoritatively fused.

    By 1908, Wetaskiwin had a city center and a few places of worship. The’s town hall was underlying 1909, and the water tower was worked at about a similar time.

    After World War II, Wetaskiwin air terminal was established; it later turned into the site of the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.

    Wetaskiwin sits on what was earlier the shoreline of the huge ocean that covered quite a bit of Alberta a large number of years back. The northwest finish of Wetaskiwin is described by slopes with sandy soil (once sand ridges), while the southeast finish of the city is exceptionally level with more silty soil.

    The city lies at a rise of 760 m (2,490 ft). Coal Lake, a repository created on the Battle River is found quickly east of the city, and other close by streams incorporate Pipestone Creek, Bigstone Creek, Bittern Lake and Bearhills Lake.

    Wetaskiwin is situated at the intersection of Highway 2A, Highway 13 and the Canadian Pacific railroad. It was a stagecoach stop among Calgary and Edmonton.