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    Camrose is a city in focal Alberta, Canada, in the midst of probably the most extravagant farmland in the grasslands. It is a moderately little city which grew up along a railroad and now develops along Highway 13.

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    Camrose is arranged around 90 kilometers (56 mi) from Edmonton, the capital of Alberta. Camrose is a little city, however is effectively developing along Highway 13, which goes through its middle. Camrose is situated in a brief district of Alberta, among grassland and boreal timberland, known as aspen parkland. It is a significant monetary place for some little cultivating networks in the encompassing region. The Stoney Creek goes through the city and streams into the Battle River south of the city. This city also has movers company Camrose which helps many companies to move around.

    Camrose has a muggy mainland atmosphere (Köppen atmosphere characterization Dfb) and falls into the NRC Plant Hardiness Zone 3b. Summers are warm with moderate precipitation while winters can be long and cold.

    In the 2016 Census of Population led by Statistics Canada, the City of Camrose recorded a populace of 18,742 living in 8,055 of its 8,520 complete private abodes, a difference in 8.4% from its 2011 populace of 17,286. With a land zone of 42.62 km2 (16.46 sq mi), it had a populace thickness of 439.7/km2 (1,138.9/sq mi) in 2016.

    The number of inhabitants in the City of Camrose as per its 2016 civil statistics is 18,044, a difference in 0.03% from its 2014 city evaluation populace of 18,038.

    In the 2011 Census, the City of Camrose had a populace of 17,286 living in 7,460 of its 7,945 absolute homes, a difference in 10.6% from its 2006 changed populace of 15,630. With a land region of 42.5 km2 (16.4 sq mi), it had a populace thickness of 406.7/km2 (1,053.4/sq mi) in 2011.

    The essential parentages are Scandinavian (26.3%), German (25.6%), English (20.2%), Scottish (17.6%), Irish (14.4%), and Aboriginal (3.5%).

    English is the main language of 90% of the populace. About 2.1% of occupants said German, 1.1% said Ukrainian, 1.0% said French, and 0.7% said Spanish was their first language. The following most regular dialects were Chinese and Dutch at 0.6% each, trailed by Danish and Norwegian at 0.4% every, Swedish at 0.3%, and Lao at 0.2%.

    The 2001 enumeration discovered 85% of occupants distinguished as Christian, while 14% had no strict connection. For explicit sections Statistics Canada found that 24% of inhabitants distinguished as Roman Catholic, while 20% recognized as Lutheran, and 19% related to the United Church of Canada. Among the less various sections, 4% distinguished as Anglican, and about 2% each recognized as Baptist and Pentecostal.