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5 things to know before you move to Vancouver

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    Things to know before you move to Vancouver
    Things to know before you move to Vancouver


    This lovely Canadian city is truly amazing. Vancouver, which is brimming with environmental and cultural attractions, is a major destination for visitors and professionals from across the globe. Are you actively considering a move? Here are some factors you ought to be familiar with before relocating to Vancouver.

    The journey of relocating to Vancouver, or elsewhere in Canada, is not as tough as many would assume as you can find reliable Movers in Vancouver. Because Vancouver has always been a cultural hub with several distinct nations, huge sections are designated to distinct cultural groups. Aside from visa procedures and work approval procedures for immigrants, the administration values multiculturalism by providing community events and local facilities.



    Workplaces in Vancouver are as varied as the city’s inhabitants. Despite the city’s reputation for its finance industry, the employment situation in advanced technologies and environmental resources is further flourishing, with no signs of slowing down. Securing a job as an immigrant has been difficult up until this point, however Vancouver is facing a shortage of skilled workers and this might be a great opportunity for you

    To be granted citizenship in Canada, you must first obtain a working visa. However, in order to receive one, you must first find work. Canadians are picky regarding skills and expertise and the Canadian vocabulary style, which is a blend of Standard English, American English, Queb├ęc French, and perhaps some regional phrases, so be sure to highlight each of your accomplishments in the CV.



    SkyTrain in Vancouver
    Prefer buying a travel card,to cut down on transport expenses as well as to enjoy the amazing SkyTrain services

    Prefer to purchase a Compass card if you would like to minimize purchasing tickets every time you may have to board a local bus.

    It tends to cost $6 and may be topped up and used on public transportation on a daily basis.

    Users can get these from several of the local supermarkets.

    To utilise this facility, tap on at a Skytrain station or on a bus after topping up your card.


    Tipping system:

    Upon relocating to Vancouver, you must accept a tip 10-20% for several services.

    You can not go to a bar, cafe, or a fast food joint without giving a tip. The leaving a tip proportions ranges from 10% to 20%. Whenever purchasing with a credit card, you may quickly tip the typical 10%-20% by adding it before typing your passcode. In addition, if you’re searching for side work it can help you with your expenses. Keep in mind many cafes and stores, may not be the highest-paying by hour, do pay well in tips.

    Rental System:

    Well, most known and trusted Movers in Vancouver will inform you of the necessary details,but you must know that Buildings often begin renting on the 1st or 15th of every month, and you’ll need to arrange lodging to coincide with your move-in date. You’ll most likely be approving for at least 6-12 months and may need to furnish your place (furnished apartments are not necessarily the norm). When it comes to security charges, keep in mind that they can’t exceed 50% of the first month’s rent.

    Each month’s rent begins on the 1st or 15th of the month. You’re good to go if you select it before the first of the month. Otherwise, you’ll have to delay until the following month.


    Most of the things are costly and taxed:

    Besides rent which is the highest in Vancouver and can be the most expensive investment you will need to make, you would also have to consider planning your budget as the utilities,cable and WiFi prices are not very cheap. Most things in stores and local shops can be really costly and are taxed heavily while purchasing.


    But, besides all this Vancouver is a beautiful and exciting city. The lush green nature,the inclusion of diverse cultures and ethnic groups from all over the world and the amazing city vibe with tons of good food,festivities, entertainment and nightlife will make your move worthwhile.