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Moving from Oshawa to Burlington

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Couple planning their move from Oshawa to Burlington

So, you’re moving from Oshawa to Burlington. The excitement and stress levels are rising! Here at Number 1 Movers, we can help lower the stress level and ease your moving process. Although moving is something most people rarely do, we can’t say the same for ourselves. That’s why we decided to share a few useful tips and sources for your move.

A family packing

Have your housing situation prepared

Goes without saying that you can’t move anywhere until you’ve bought or rented a new home. There are a few ways to go about this. What’s proved most successful is word of mouth. If you’ve got a trusted friend to recommend a residential area for you, you’re set.

Otherwise, you can consult online sources, or even a real estate agency. If you’re relocating to Burlington before moving there, you can also go around residential blocks and look at the ads on them.

Smart packing

When moving your entire home, you have to be careful with the packing process. Luckily for you, our Oshawa movers offer amazing packing services. Actually, if you are generally inexperienced in moving, we offer the whole package. All from packing, moving to storage!

If you’re interested in packing by yourself, you should have a proper packing plan in place. Ask yourself:

  • What can I get rid of? Decluttering is a must in the moving process. It helps get rid of all the surplus in your home.
  • What is the most urgent? Usually, the most urgent items during a move are cutlery, plates, pots, pans, clothes, hygiene products, etc. Be sure to pack these in an easily accessible spot.
  • What is something I might not need immediately? Sometimes you might have some things that can’t fit in your new home, or are simply not urgent. A good way to go about this is to put them in storage.

If you have some easily damaged possessions, we can recommend our specialized moving services to help you out.

Find a good moving company

If you’ve ever moved before, you know how much of a hassle finding a trustworthy moving company can be. You can never be too careful when choosing something as important as movers. Our Burlington movers are here to ease your mind and offer a professional service. Be sure to contact us regarding your worries.

Oshawa and Burlington movers carrying boxes
Leave the heavy lifting to our professional personnel!

We recommend:

  • Word of mouth – If your friends and family have experience moving, they are the best people to ask for this kind of advice.
  • Online reviews – This one is trickier. Many companies nowadays place fake reviews on their sites, but if you have a keen eye, you’ll easily be able to tell the difference.
  • Check if the companies are real – Not very often, but sometimes you come across a fake company. You should always check.

We hope moving from Oshawa to Burlington will be an enjoyable and easy process for you, and we hope to be the ones to help you get settled into your new home.