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Common items Toronto moving companies refuse to relocate

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    pile of cardboard boxes

    The biggest reason why you are hiring Number 1 Movers is to move your belongings for you. But, nothing ever is simple as it seems and some items moving companies won’t relocate. It might sound surprising, but you will see that there is a good reason why some items are just too risky to move. This doesn’t mean you will have to throw away these particular items. It is just that you will have to move them by yourself. So, here is a list of common items Toronto moving companies refuse to relocate that you should know about. 

    What are the common items Toronto moving companies refuse to relocate? 

    Preparing relocation is not easy as it sometimes seems. First, you need to find residential movers Toronto to hire. The next step is to prepare your belongings for relocation. There are a few things you need to do while preparing your items for a move. You should make an inventory and declutter items that you don’t plan to relocate. Also, you should separate the following items that movers won’t move such as: 

    • Hazardous materials 
    • Perishables items 
    • Personal records 
    • Official documents 
    • Plants 

    Why are hazardous materials on the list of forbidden items for movers to move? 

    Well, the hazardous material is a broad description, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Items such as explosives and compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers and poisons, cleaning solvents, motor oil belong in this category. Additionally, there are too many items in this category, so it’s not possible to list every and each one of them here. But, every item that is flammable or poisonous won’t be moved by movers Toronto. Therefore, your best option is to declutter them and buy new ones after your relocation. 

    cleaning items are one of the common items Toronto moving companies refuse to relocate
    Hazardous materials belong on the list of the common items Toronto moving companies refuse to relocate

    You should only move documents that have personal or important information

    You certainly understand why long distance movers Toronto shouldn’t move important or personal documents. Private information shouldn’t be shared with anyone even with professional movers. Luckily, documents are fairly easy to pack and you should pack your personal documents in your essential box along with other items. The most common documents that movers won’t move are tax records, deeds, cash, stocks, deposit slips, etc. 

    What items are considered perishable items? 

    Well, perishable items are mostly food that will spoil if not properly stored. The most common perishable food is meat, milk, dairy products, vegetables, etc. For this reason, you should use all your perishable food before your relocation and buy only non-perishable food for your moving day. A similar case is with plants as they require special conditions for transporting. 

    brown woven basket filled with vegetables
    Your movers won’t move perishable items such as meat and vegetables

    What to do with these types of items? 

    Now you are probably wondering what you should do with common items Toronto moving companies refuse to relocate. Well, you have two choices. You can either move them yourself or declutter them. You can and should move items like documents and plants by yourself. Next, you should use perishable items until your moving day. However, you shouldn’t move hazardous materials as they can be dangerous to you as much as to professional movers.