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Winter fun in Toronto to enjoy

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Toronto is one of the major cities in Canada. We can all agree that it is one of the most desirable cities. It offers a ton of great things and opportunities. You can do practically whatever you want to and still make enough for a living. One of the greatest things is that Toronto offers a ton of winter activities that you can enjoy. Winters in Toronto are usually cold with lots of snow. That means that people who love winter and winter activities will most likely adapt fast. If you start now and check Toronto moving companies, you can still make it to one of the most beautiful seasons in Canada! Winter fun in Toronto has never been closer than now!

Find out some ideas on how to enjoy winter fun in Toronto

  • Nathan Phillips Square
  • Go to CN Tower
  • See Toronto museums
  • Toronto Light Festival
  • Enjoy in nature
  • Ride the bike outdoors

Nathan Phillips Square

People that live in Toronto know of the infamous square in Toronto! What is great about it is that it transforms into a big ice skating park for people to enjoy. Even if you do not know how to skate, you have to go and experience the atmosphere. It is always the Christmas atmosphere and there is no person that does not enjoy that time of the year. If this still does not convince you, your children would certainly like to go ice skating.

ice skating - Winter fun in Toronto
Ice skating is a great activity to enjoy in winter!

Go to CN Tower

If you want to have a clear view in front of you and see the whole city, then you should go to the top of the CN Tower. It is a 553 meters high tower that will certainly be enough for you to see everything clearly. Your only job would be to bring a good mood and enjoy the view. If you have children, they will certainly be delighted to see the city from above. It is not something that you get to see every day!

See Toronto Museums

Enjoy the winter in Toronto by visiting some of the Toronto museums. Toronto is a big city. It offers so much. There is no chance that you can’t find something that you are interested in. Everything is within your reach. The reason why museums are a great place to go in winter is that winters can be very cold in Toronto. It is usually way below the average for most cities in Europe or the US. You will be delighted to see some of the biggest collections in the world while warming yourself!

Toronto Light Festival

We all know that winter can be depressing on some days, even though you love it most of the time. Long nights can be overwhelming. That is why you should visit Toronto Light Festival and turn an ordinary night into a special one. Things that you are going to see here are unique. Not too many places have this kind of installation. You will have to enjoy multiple light shows that will take your breath away. There are very creative people behind this idea so you should put it on your winter fun in Toronto checklist!

cn tower
CN Tower will give you a clear view of the city.

Enjoy in nature

Toronto is blessed to have wonderful nature nearby, It is absolutely perfect in spring or summer when you can even go camping and stay a few days. Of course, when the winter comes, you can’t camp. But, you can still enjoy it! If you are okay with lots of snow, you can go and walk with your friends and family. There are great paths that you can follow but they can be overwhelmed with snow in winter. You will just have to go with someone experienced and enjoy the beautiful nature of Toronto!

Ride the bike outdoors

Winter fun in Toronto is easy to find if you know what to do. Most people do not think that riding a bike in winter is possible but if you look better, you can see the people in Toronto and all the Canada ride. The trick is to find thicker tires. You need to make sure that your bike will not stop in the snow or even worse, go through the snow. If you did not have the chance to enjoy the ride in winter, you have to try it! You will have a chance to see a lot of great places and still lead a healthy life, even in winter!

Convinced to move to Toronto? Start planning now!

As you can see, Toronto offers a lot! There is something for everyone and you will not be unsatisfied. Of course, you will have to be smart about your relocation. The good thing is that winter is the cheapest time to relocate! Most moving companies do not have too many customers so they usually lower their prices!

a man walking
Enjoy the walk in nature with friends!

But, very low prices can be a sign of a scam, too. If it seems that the price is too low for the standards, you should stay back and check the company. You want reliable and affordable movers, like Number 1 Movers. You do not want to be scammed and lose your money. Be sure to check every moving company before you make the decision!


Winter fun in Toronto is easy to find. It is a city where you have unlimited resources. You just need a checklist of things that you are going to enjoy. Even though you can find something to do by yourself, it is always good to have some help.

You just have to relocate and experience all of these things on your own. Depending on the type of your move, you will have to hire residential or office moving companies Toronto for the job and move! After that, everything is in front of you. Be sure to use everything that the winter gives you because it can be a magnificent season for people that know how to enjoy it! We hope that you will have a lot of snow to enjoy and that you will have the time of your life!