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Why winter can be the best time to move from Toronto

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Couple thinking whether winter can be the best time to move from Toronto

So, you decided to relocate from The Big Smoke? Having lived in Toronto for at least some time, you must be well acquainted with the local climate. One of the first things that you will surely think of upon mentioning Toronto’s weather is its long, cold winters. Having that in mind, the mere thought of venturing into a process as stressful as moving during the freezing Toronto winter that regularly lasts from November up until March or April might seem downright ridiculous to you. Once, on January 10, 1859, the temperature in Toronto went down to as low as -32,8 °C. So, imagine trotting down the icy streets carrying heavy boxes in such cold, or merely organizing your move during the holiday season. It must be less of a hassle to move when it’s bright and warm outside, right? Well, Number 1 movers Van Lines suggest the case may be quite the opposite. In this article, we will call your attention to why winter can be the best time to move from Toronto. If you think this claim is kinda sketchy, allow us to elaborate.

What recent moving statistics say regarding the claim that winter can be the best time to move from Toronto

Between 2020 and 2021, especially during the height of the pandemic, close to 89,000 people moved away from Ontario to other parts of Canada. According to Statistics Canada data, and focusing on Toronto in particular, this survey indicates that GTA movers had more work on their hands than moving companies in any other major city in California. Toronto was the only bigger city in Canada to see a decrease in population in 2020–2021.

Although the claim might seem paradoxical to some, various independent researchers conclude that winter moving is not a rare phenomenon. If we’re talking about Canada, Toronto in particular – the case may be quite the opposite.

Even though migrations within the country in the years mentioned coincided with the spring and summer period (April–November), the main cause of this was that it was the same time when the COVID pandemic peaked. On the other hand, more detailed research suggests that, on average, in the ten years before the whole virus situation (2009/10–2018/19), most Canadians tended to pick the winter as the best time to move.

The case for a winter relocation

According to a report on the prevalence of people who move during the winter in Canada, between 300,000 and 1,4 million Canadians aged 55 and up consider the cold Canadian winters to be the best time to relocate in any given year! Among them, 53 431 to 70 863 Ontarians, aged 65 or more, mainly from the Toronto area, were identified as “snowbirds,” or people moving during the winter. While taking other factors (such as those described in the above-mentioned article) into consideration, we will point out other main reasons why moving home during the winter might be the best choice for Toronto residents. Also, we’ll discuss whether the planned relocation requires help from the best local movers in Toronto. Without further ado, here are some of the main reasons why winter is the best time to move from Toronto!

Top perks of moving from Toronto during wintertime

Woman calculating money while thinking whether winter can be the best time to move from Toronto
If you are moving on a tight budget, the following information will probably relieve some of your financially induced stress.


#1 Winter moving is less pricey

One of the main factors in arranging a home relocation is its impact on the budget. In fact, for the vast majority of people who hire professional movers, price is the most important factor. Therefore, if your biggest concern is the impact of your move on your pocket, why not choose the cheapest moving season, winter? To put it bluntly, the main reasons for wintertime moving being cheaper than home relocation during other seasons of the year lie in the basic law of supply and demand. For example:

  • The rental fees are lower.

Lower demand in the winter forces landowners and lenders to be more flexible in negotiating fees. Even the prices of buying a home outside of the hectic summer buying season are significantly affected. You will most likely be presented with discount offers, such as a lower rent or deposit, etc. Just for this factor alone, winter can be the best time to move from Toronto!

  • If you consider buying a house, you are most likely to save a lot of money.

When the summer buying frenzy ends in September, prices tend to stay low. Long distance movers Canada can tell you from customer experience that housing prices fall in January and February, and even in March and April. Although the offers might be more scarce, you have a greater opportunity to get more affordable housing.

  • Storage space is less expensive in winter

Besides low rent and cheap homes, renting storage units is more affordable during the wintertime. Those who plan on moving can downsize by finding lower rates when looking for storage space in between moves. Fewer occupants during the cold season and less interest in winter moving decrease storage rental prices.

Storage units are less expensive in winter
Prices of storage spaces are significantly lower during the wintertime. That may also be one of the reasons why winter can be the best time to move from Toronto.
  • Moving expenses are significantly more budget-friendly.

So you’ve finished looking for a new home and have been compensated for all of your extra costs. The time has come to negotiate moving costs. You’ll be satisfied to find out that relocation costs go down tremendously during the wintertime. Because of the lower demand, all long distance movers in Toronto put in extra effort to attract customers.

  • There are always discounts and extra off-season deals.

Most movers provide off-season discounts and are willing to accommodate your schedule. Fewer customers mean more time, care, and professionalism from the movers. A good off-season deal or a moving discount can make your winter move as smooth as an ice-skating arena. Namely, because of greater availability during the cold months, Toronto moving companies are more willing to drop their prices and offer reasonable deals. This will ensure that you have picked the best time to move out of Toronto.

Less traffic means winter can be the best time to move from Toronto
Although icy roads, snow blizzards, and storms seem scary, these potential hazards make for less traffic, which is a big plus when moving during wintertime.

#2 Better moving conditions mean that winter can be the best time to move from Toronto

Just think of it: the holiday season. Everybody’s home, wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters, and spending quality time with their families. But the roads are almost empty. The time-consuming traffic jams of peak season have passed, and the roads ahead are mostly empty, except maybe for some long-distance truckers you will pass along the way during your move. Icy interstate freeways, crammed all through the summer vacation season, won’t stress you out; they will most likely be desolate, even allowing you to feel some enjoyment during your move. During the holiday season, folks tend to spend it in their homes, out of the cold. If you decide to move during the winter, having this in mind will shorten your itinerary objectively as well as subjectively, so you can sit back, relax, and admire the vast beauty of Canadian nature.

  • Moving during the winter might be faster

In the summertime, you probably wouldn’t have the time or nerves to spend a month packing up your home. Hence, winter is just the right time to fulfill this boring but mandatory task of preparing for your relocation. This way, you can use the time you saved to dedicate yourself to things that matter to you. A lot of companies and businesses are closed during the holiday season. If you plan to move during your time off, work will be the last thing you’ll think about.

  • Stress-free settlings

Also, moving in the winter has one more major benefit. It will ensure that settling into your new home has a relaxed, stress-free vibe. Wintertime represents a serene period of the year, a time to unwind and loosen up for the majority of the population. Therefore, you will be given the privilege of unpacking, decorating, and learning about your new neighborhood quicker, but carelessly. Remember, your move will most likely coincide with the holidays.

Winter can be the best time to move from Toronto, because you'll get to see nature like this
When winter comes, just spending some time in the nature will convince you that you have chosen the best time to move from the hustle and bustle of Toronto.

Therefore, you will probably have the feeling that you have all the time in the world to explore your new surroundings. Imagine slow walks through quiet, snow-covered neighborhoods. Try to tune into the mindset of an explorer. That way, discovering the local lifestyle and mentality might turn into an actual adventure.

  • Peace & quiet that winter offers

You can unpack your stuff and arrange your new home in absolute peace. Avoiding the nerve-racking, around-the-clock commotion that is typical during the warm months of the year can be critical to settling into your new home. Surrounded by a dreamy setting, when the weather finally warms up, you’ll be well prepared for your summer activities, having settled into your new home and routine.

  • More attention to YOU!

Since customers are fewer and farther between for movers during the winter’s off-peak season, crews are more available. Any reputable mover will give customers the attention they deserve. Nevertheless, the less hectic winter schedule makes it easier for crews to deliver more personalized service. Real estate professionals have more time to devote to your search for a new home. For instance, if you choose the nearby city of Vaughan for your relocation, you will get to know firsthand the devotion and care the movers Vaughan ON, show for every one of their clients, particularly during the winter, off-season period, when they have more time and energy to dedicate to providing you with the best and most reliable personalized moving service you can think of.

Winter is the perfect time to get the help of top-notch commercial movers Toronto has to offer

It would be a shame to talk about quality and carefree moving without mentioning office movers Toronto. This marvelous and experienced company offers an incredibly vast array of moving services for business, education, IT, gaming, industrial, and practically every commercial area you can think of. The range of the services of this Toronto-based business is simply beyond belief. A short list of just some of the types of commercial moves they offer may convince you that this is no exaggeration. Experienced workers ensure the quality and uniqueness of every move, and provide all the help and information the client needs.

Happy people showing thumbs up
Planning to relocate your entire business from Toronto? Be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter – we got your back!

Sticking to our subject, we must emphasize the fact that yes, office movers in Toronto do work during the winter and have no limitations or specific requirements from their clients during the freeze season. On the contrary, they offer advice, personalized agreements, and, of course, winter moving discounts. If you are a business owner from Toronto and are thinking of relocating your gig somewhere within Canada, give them a call, and start planning your relocation with the help of the best professionals the industry has to offer!


As you can see, we have pointed out many advantages that speak in the favor of the claim that winter can be the best time to move from Toronto.Even if you still aren’t convinced, perhaps this article will give future Toronto migrants interesting ideas on when and how to move. Best of luck during your upcoming relocation, and hopefully you’ll have a smooth winter move!