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Who’s Moving Into and Out of Toronto

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a picture of tall buildings and a large square in downtown Toronto

Moving to a new location is more than just packing your items and getting on the road. With a plethora of obligations and responsibilities, relocations represent one of the most important events in our lives. Now, the sheer process, on its own, is not something so special. However, what makes relocations important is the reasoning behind those relocations. Moreover, regardless of what that reason might be; hiring a professional moving company, like Number 1 Movers can be quite beneficial for your moving process. Today, we talk about who’s moving into and out of Toronto in the past couple of years. More importantly, we are going to discuss all of the important data and share all the useful information one should know before moving to the city of Toronto. Therefore, if you plan on moving anytime soon, make sure that you do proper research before moving into the city.

Before We Discuss Who’s Moving Into and Out of Toronto

As the center of the metropolitan region, the city of Toronto, and its region, are home to more than 6.5 million people. However, the city itself has a population of around 2.8 million. As such, Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada. Consequently, it is the capital seat of the province of Ontario. Moreover, Toronto represents an international center of business, finance, art, and culture. Because of that, the city of Toronto is considered one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in the world. More importantly, it is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world with more than half of the residents being a part of a certain minority group. By hiring movers Toronto, you can relocate into a city that has over 200 different languages spoken. The city is on the anchor of the Golden Horseshoe which covers the western end of Lake Ontario.

Did You Know? Housing in Toronto is Very Expensive

  • Median home value: $1.350.000
  • Median rent per month: $1.900
a birds eye view of the city of Toronto
The housing market of Toronto is one of the most expensive markets in Canada

One of the biggest issues many residents of Toronto face is housing affordability. Moreover, this also seems to prevent a lot of people from moving into the city. Namely, the biggest problem with the housing market in Toronto is that it is constantly on the rise in the past couple of years. It is estimated that all home prices have skyrocketed by around 27.7% on a yearly basis. Most importantly, the city has one of the most expensive rents in all of Canada. On the other hand, if you are aiming to purchase a detached home, you would have to prepare around $2.1 million. Residential movers Toronto can relocate you to the city without any issues. However, you should make sure whether or not moving into the city is affordable to you. Toronto is full of opportunities but high in cost.

Did You Know? Toronto is a Fun City To Live In

One thing is certain, moving to the city of Toronto will surely not lead to a boring lifestyle. In fact, the city is known for its bar and restaurant culture, a plethora of outdoor activities, festivals, and events, as well as green spaces in the city. Because many people move to the city on a yearly basis, there is practically a community for almost every pastime activity.

people sitting on benches in the park, to represent who’s moving into and out of Toronto, with Toronto across the water
Living in the city is everything but boring and melancholic

Moreover, the city experiences all four different seasons. Thus, you can both enjoy the warm summers in the city and cold and snowful winters. Most importantly, because there are many green areas in the city, you can quickly escape the concrete, urban jungle of the city and enjoy the tranquility of nature. More importantly, you can do all of this without even turning on your vehicle. So, if this is something you think will do you good, consider hiring long distance movers Toronto.

Who’s Moving Into and Out of Toronto Might Have To Do With Work Opportunities

Although the residents of the city of Toronto experience a higher cost of living and housing, they also experience a plethora of job opportunities in the city. Because of its multiculturalism, as well as the general acceptance of new ideas and backgrounds; Toronto represents one of the epicenters for careers and business in Canada. Logically, because of this, Toronto represents one of the best places in Canada to either start your own business or find a job. Moreover, we could say that it surely has an effect on the number of people moving in or out of the city. So, in a way, people moving into the city for work balance the people leaving the city due to the expenses of the city. Generally speaking, moving to Toronto for business is not a bad idea. However, you should do all the calculations before moving in.

Fun Facts About Toronto

  • Toronto is one of the safest, but most expensive Canadian cities
  • Commuting might be a slight issue
  • A lot of different cultures mean a lot of different cuisines
  • The pandemic of COVID-19 had a huge impact on the migration rates of the residents
  • Getting from one side of the city to another will take time, so choose your end carefully
  • July is the hottest month, while January is the coldest
  • South Asian ethnic groups make up the largest majority in the city
  • There are a lot of dog owners in the city
a picture of the downtown part of Toronto
To know who’s moving into and out of Toronto, we have to take a look into all the aspects of living in the city

Not having a dog while moving to Toronto is going to make you feel like you are out of place. At the first glance, it might seem like everyone in the city has a dog. Take your time and slowly adapt to the city one thing at a time.

Who’s Moving Into and Out of Toronto: Let Us Talk About Moving Out

It seems as tho the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Toronto lifestyle the hardest. Many residents claim that ever since the pandemic started, the city slowly started to lose all of its charms. However, this is not really the case. Nonetheless, we should not exclude COVID-19 as probably one of the main reasons that many people decide to leave the city. The rising housing market, urban alienation, and remote work are just some of the main reasons why people are moving away from the city. But, who are the people that are moving in, or moving out of the city of Toronto? What is the migration trend people follow and what type of residents are moving from Toronto these days? These are some of the questions we are going to try and answer. To understand who’s moving into and out of Toronto, we have to look at the data.

Toronto Artists Seem To Take The Biggest Hit Since The Pandemic Started

One of the hardest-hit industries in the city is the arts industry. Moreover, the Toronto Alliance of Performing Artists (TAPA) has made a statement that over 10.000 artists from the Toronto area have suffered the consequences of the pandemic in the first two months. Moreover, many jobs that artists usually rely on, like the hospitality industry, have also suffered serious consequences; making matters worse.

two guitar players to represent who’s moving into and out of Toronto, making artists the main people that leave the city
Artists are having a hard time adjusting to the new regulations due to the pandemic

Now, this would not be such a big issue if the housing and living in the city are not so expensive. Therefore, many artists seem to leave Toronto and move into some of the best Canadian cities for renters. Moreover, just recently did the city host the first “in-person” play since the lockdown. Therefore, the actors are also another group of people that are suffering consequences from the pandemic. So, if you were wondering who’s moving into and out of Toronto, artists are the ones leaving.

Millenials Also Leave The City

Another group that is actively moving out of the city of Toronto is millennials. Granted, we could say that the majority of artists are comprised of millennials. However, unlike artists, millennials do not cite the pandemic as the main reason they are leaving. In fact, many millennials are moving to the northern parts of the country.

a jar with a label "house fund" and coins inside it
The main reason millennials are leaving Toronto is the home affordability of the Northern Canadian regions

The main reason for that? Northern parts of Canada are much more affordable than the southern parts. Toronto might be one of the best and largest cities in Canada, but it is very expensive to live in it. Moreover, we are all, sort of, aware of the relationship between millennials and the housing market. Namely, due to the changes in the housing market, many millennials will have a hard time purchasing their first home. If you are a millennial looking to move from the city, make sure you know the cost of Toronto movers.

Who’s Moving Into and Out of Toronto: Let Us Talk About Who Is Moving In

People that are living in Toronto are usually people that spent some time in the city. After a while, they start to look for new and better things to pursue. Because of this, those people have an easier time assessing the ins and outs of staying or leaving the city. However, those that move into the city will need to do their “homework”. Namely, before you get in touch with moving companies in Ontario, make sure that you do the research. Know what you should expect when you move into the city. Most importantly, make sure that you can finance your lifestyle there; given that it can be expensive. Now, because the city represents the center of immigrants from all around the world, it is experiencing a constant influx of new people. So, who are the people that are moving in and why do they move into the city?

Business Companies and Their Employees

Still, the city of Toronto remains one of the busiest and biggest business centers in Canada. Therefore, it is constantly receiving an influx of new companies, small businesses, as well as their employees. Because of this, the city of Toronto is maintaining its population balance very well.

a team of employees discussing something with their boss, to represent one of the largest groups of who’s moving into and out of Toronto
Toronto is one of the best places to run a business in Canada, so this should come as no surprise

Namely, entrepreneurs come to the city in pursuit of new markets and profits. Because of this, many business owners choose to relocate, at least, a part of their staff to the city. On top of everything, when hiring commercial movers in Ontario you ensure that you have a safe business relocation process. Thus, moving your business or office into the city will always be a good idea.

Immigrants Represent The Highest Percentage of Influx Population

As expected, the largest part of the influx population in Toronto are the immigrants. Moreover, the Canadian government sets the bar even higher; Expecting to welcome around 450.000 new immigrants by the year 2024. Now, we are aware that not all of these immigrants are going to go to Toronto. However, given that it is one of the largest cities and offers amazing choices, the vast majority of those immigrants will head to Toronto.

a smaller globe showing the continents of Africa and Europa to represent immigration
If you are wondering who’s moving into and out of Toronto, while being in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, you have your answer

Each year, the city of Toronto homes tens of thousands of immigrants, so we do not expect anything to change in the years to come. Especially given that the Canadian government has a clear goal of increasing this number. The immigrants that come into the country, as well as the city, contribute a lot to multiculturalism.

There Are Plenty of Ins and Outs To Weigh in Before Deciding On Both Leaving Toronto or Staying There

Now that we have a better picture of who’s moving into and out of Toronto, we can have a better understanding of the city. More importantly, as we now know about what are the future plans of the country of Canada as a whole, we can see slightly into the future. Namely, Canada does not seem to want to stop welcoming new immigrants into the country. Because Toronto is the largest city in the country, many immigrants will call it their home. Two of the biggest reasons people are leaving Toronto are the affordability and COVID-19 restrictions. On the other hand, the biggest reasons people move into the city are job opportunities and open and accepting communities.