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Where to celebrate the New Year in Hamilton

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The New Year is upon us, but you aren’t as thrilled as you used to be. Somehow, parties just don’t do it for you anymore. After all, it’s perfectly understandable. Waking up half drunk, sometimes fully naked after a party you can’t seem to remember can entertain you only for so long. You yearn for something different, something fresh. Something that won’t finish with a headache, bags under your eyes and a lost shoe. Well, don’t we have news for you? This scenario is undisputably possible and feasible. In the following few lines, we will go through some of our favorite picks where you can celebrate the New Year in Hamilton.

A girl behind the bar wearing a mask of a cat or a bear
It might be time to put the mask away and get something more formal.

A historic way to celebrate the New Year in Hamilton

If your inner party animal is simply refusing to wake up for the upcoming New Year’s Eve, do not despair! There is still a way to have a great time while waiting for the next year to begin. A way that differs and promises. Dundurn Castle is going to be decorated for the holidays, so why not pay a visit? An extended tour of MacNab’s magnificent home, some nice music and a bite of traditional holiday foods might just be your cup of tea for the evening. Although pre-registration is required, it costs merely $30 per person.

Youngsters’ day of enjoyment

Hamilton Children’s Museum has really stepped it up this year. Just ask your Ancaster movers, and they’ll surely agree. You can take your offspring for a visit to all three galleries. Additionally, many of the little ones will be happy to know that they are free to shout their lungs out on six ‘countdowns’ throughout the day. And if that isn’t enough, know that indoor and outdoor activities are bound to ensure a great good buy to the past year, and welcome the new one. Fees are pretty low, with a ticket for the whole family costing only $9.

Blue Danube Waltz in the middle of Hamilton

Hamilton’s 18th annual New Year’s Concert has prepared quite a treat for classical music lovers. A true salute to Viena and Strauss, this year’s program won’t fail to deliver. Playful Die Fledermaus will put a smile on your face, while the Blue Danube Waltz might even get you on your feet, ready to twirl. Hand-picked European signers and a full orchestra will make sure to provide splendor. Ballet and ballroom dancers will whisk you off to past times of grandeur and grace. If you want to enter the New Year feeling like true royalty, this is the place to be. A mere token of $52-$111 will make you a part of this sublime event.

A ballerina on stage
Wonderful performances are a beautiful way to celebrate the New Year in Hamilton.

Don’t walk, rather run into the New Year’s beginning

This event is for those individuals ready to step out of the norm. ‘How so?’, Oakville movers or even some of you might ask. Well, not many people are ready to welcome the New Year while running in the cold, all with a cool breeze caressing their cheeks. However, having that this is the 34th Annual Resolution Run, a number of people seem to be ready for such an endeavor. All jokes aside, it is a great way to celebrate the New Year in Hamilton by starting this chapter on the right foot and setting some good habits. This 5k walk/run comes with post-event refreshments, as well as a Resolution Run jacket.

A costumed mystery dinner

Murder Mystery Dinner sounds fun without us elaborating any further. We will, none the less. Vivene’s Island Cusine has put some thought into making this party one of the best ways to celebrate the New Year in Hamilton. All you need to do is pay the $55 fee, and come dressed as one of the characters from Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirate or islander, doesn’t matter much. What’s important is that everyone enjoys their time. The evening will begin with a glass of wine, followed by an appetizer. Main dish, dessert, and coffee or tea are in store next. Finally, what is a New Year’s Eve without a glass of champagne? It’s also worth noting that a winner of the murder mystery will be awarded a cash prize of $100.

Laugh away the previous year

What better way to celebrate the New Year in Hamilton than with honest laughter. Champagne toast and party favors are included in the general admission. However, if you are a VIP ticket holder, you can get your laugh and eat something too. Lincoln Alexander Centre opens their doors at 7 pm. The local cast of stand-up comedians will simply crack you up with jokes, pontificating New Year’s resolutions and holiday hangovers. The cheerful atmosphere will help celebrate this event joyously with friends and strangers alike.

A woman smiling because she'll celebrate the New Year in Hamilton
What better way to enter the New Year than with a smile

Let your heart go on

Black Rabbit Social Club thought how it would be great to reenact the Titanic movie at a party. If you deem this idea interesting and inviting, it’s time to send your formal attire to the dry cleaner’s. Dress code is mandatory, and guests are preferred to leave their hoodies and sneakers at home. It would be best to show up as if you were really going to the ship. Period costumes are encouraged, but not specifically required. You will have the chance to ascend the Grand Staircase and begin your wondrous evening in style. Champagne and live music will keep the mood up. As you get closer to midnight, the captain will call for an announcement ‘Iceberg ahead! It is New Years Eve!’. However, you needn’t worry. The party won’t sink, even with the band playing until the last call. So, channel your inner Jack or Rose, and celebrate the New Year in Hamilton in a different and exciting way.