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When is the best time to rent an apartment in Toronto?

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    Are you looking to rent an apartment, but you’re not quite sure when’s the best time to rent an apartment in Toronto? Number 1 Van Lines will help you see the market both from the perspective of students and tourists! Toronto has a lot of new people coming in all the time. But sometimes, there are more people who are looking for an apartment – and if you’re looking to rent it for a little while, aim to rent it to tourists. If you want to rent it for a year, half a year, or maybe longer than a year – find students and other types of tenants. Let’s find out what’s the best time to rent an apartment in Toronto. 

    Renting an apartment in Toronto pays off because there is always a circulation of people.

    Why should you rent an apartment in Toronto?

    First of all, Toronto is a city that people choose for various reasons. It offers a lot of workplaces, it’s a place where students from all over the nearby places come to study, and the truth is that Toronto can be very fun!  Renting an apartment in Toronto won’t backfire, since the rental market is very hot. Residential movers Toronto have tons of work all year long, and the tenants are numerous. Of course, given that right now Coronavirus is making things more difficult than normally, maybe you should wait a little bit before making this decision. 

    Best time to rent an apartment in Toronto to students

    There are several times when you should rent apartments to students. First, look at when Toronto Movers are busy – during the summer and spring. Put the add on Craigslist or some student dorm website around a month or two before the semesters begin. People are often looking for places to be before the beginning of the university year. But, that also happens on the spring break and between semesters. That’s because that’s when they have enough time to switch roommates or find a more suitable place for themselves, perhaps one that’s closer to the student job. 

    Best time to rent an apartment in Toronto to tourists

    When you’re renting an apartment to tourists, you can also do it in summer, but you’ll need to think more widely. Rent apartments on national holidays, or literally whenever you can. The truth is that Toronto is a city where a lot of people come and go, and whenever you put on an add, someone will call. It really just depends on who you want as a tenant! Don’t place an ad earlier than two months in advance, or you’ll have to deal with numerous people who call you but have a lot of time to potentially cancel. 

    Rent an apartment in Toronto to tourists
    Rent an apartment in Toronto to tourists or students!

    What are the tenant’s obligations?

    Besides knowing when’s the Best Time to Rent an Apartment in Toronto, you should get acquainted with tenant’s obligations:

    • Keep in mind that the rent is controlled, but that doesn’t cover the new buildings. Specifically, the ones that are built in the past 20 years. Read about it! 
    • People usually aren’t sure whether their landlord can appear – yes, they can, but they have to give you a 24-hour notice. 
    • Respect the wishes of your landlord about what you can edit in the apartment. 

    Whether you’re a landlord who needs to give advice to your new tenant, or a tenant looking for a company to help him or her with the relocation – keep us in mind. We’re more than happy to provide a quality relocation service at affordable prices in Toronto!