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Moving can be very physically, mentally, and financially exhausting. You have to be organized and try to keep everything under control. By doing this you will save yourself a lot of stress and anxiety. One step in the organization of a move, is to decide when to move. This can significantly affect your finances because of the existence of peak moving season. The peak moving season is from April to September, and this is when people think it is the best time to move. This is usually more expensive and you need to consider other options if the need arises.

You need to see what is important to you during the move, and what you should focus on. If you are financially stable, you can consider hiring a moving company and a packing company. This will remove a lot of stress off your shoulders. They will do everything correctly and you will not need to worry about and packing mishaps and breaking. If you are moving as a family with children, this guide should be very helpful when deciding the month of your move. Every season has its benefits and drawbacks and you need to consider carefully which one you prefer.

Difference between seasons

Deciding when to move depends on your priorities. There are pros and cons of every season, and you should think about what is most important to you when moving. We will now talk about each season pros and cons.

beach with palm trees and a van
Be wary of the hot summer sun


Moving in summer is maybe the best option. This is because of the warm weather which makes it a lot easier. If you have kids it is also a good idea to move during the summer, because moving during the school year can provide a lot of setbacks in your child’s education. This is a very important deal to consider because moving can be emotionally draining for children and changing a school during a school year may hinder the child’s educational progress. Another thing that comes up during your summer move, are the house prices. You will most probably be able to sell your house at a higher price than usual, because of the higher demand during the moving season.

However, this also applies to buying houses, so be prepared to dish out more money for your move. Moving companies will provide their services at a higher price as well, because of the peak moving season. This is most probably because they are overbooked, and may take longer to deliver your belongings to your new home. However easier does moving during warm weather sound, this can also delay the moving companies during long distance moves. You should also consider moving in another season if you live in a very hot and humid area.


Moving during fall is maybe your best bet. The weather is similar to spring, but the main thing is that the moving season has just ended. The moving companies will have a sigh of relief because the main part of their year has just ended. They will be much more relaxed and will cut you a much better deal, both with the pricing, and the date of the move.

forest in fall
Moving during fall has more benefits than drawbacks

However, again we have the problem of moving with kids during the school year. This is when the school year starts and it is maybe the most important part of the year when it comes to getting into the study rhythm. Other than that, there really aren’t any other problems when it comes to moving during this season. Although be sure to put on your raincoat, and secure your belongings in sturdy moving boxes Ontario, and with waterproof plastic wrap!


Though winter weather may deter many people from moving, it can be a good idea. The price of the move will be much cheaper than doing it in late spring or summer. This is because moving companies lack contracts and will most likely accept your move. You can also dictate the schedule how you see fit, and the companies will gladly oblige. However, the cold months may induce fear of moving your belongings. This is why you need to hire a reliable company. Long distance movers Ontario based are unquestionably one of your best options for this. This is especially relevant if you are moving to a colder location, like Canada. One of the bad sides of moving during winter, is that the school year is in full boom. Changing a school during a school year can be detrimental to your child’s education, and should be avoided.

snowy hill with a wolf
Winter moving can be difficult because of the weather


The benefits of moving during spring outnumber the drawbacks by a big margin. The peak moving season still did not come, but the weather feels like it did. This means that the moving companies will be free to move your stuff, according to your schedule. The absence of work for the movers will make you able to create a timetable and follow it as you desire. The weather will work in your favor as well. There will not be a scorching Sun on your back, or a blizzard.

However, it is not the best period to move with school children as it is with winter. This time of year is when the exams start, and your kid will not have the time necessary to complete and pass all of them. The best time to move during spring is in the early months. This is because the moving companies may be overbooked during the later months coming into summer.


To sum up, any season can be a good moving season depending on your priorities and financial status. You should write a list comparing these seasons and what each one offers to you. See which benefits you the most and select the best time to move. Be sure to check some more guides on how to conduct your move, and make the experience enjoyable. Now off to deciding the best time to move and good luck!