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What to expect when you’re starting a family in Vaughan

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A happy couple after starting a family in Vaughan

Are you considering the exciting journey of starting a family and thinking about where you should move to? Look no further than Vaughan – a city that holds the promise of a nurturing, enriching environment for your growing household. However, when you’re about to make this life-changing decision, it’s crucial to inform yourself about your new city. As one of the expert movers in Ontario province, we know how important it is to choose a city that aligns with your aspirations. Therefore, we’ll give you some helpful information you should know when starting a family in Vaughan, and assist you in relocating there!

Important considerations for starting a family in Vaughan

Vaughan is one of the best places for young families in Ontario, however, before moving there and having children, you should account for several factors. From housing to everyday expenses, having a realistic budget will help you navigate the financial landscape. Meanwhile, researching housing options, utility costs, and local prices will assist in establishing a feasible financial plan for your family’s future.

A young woman researching tips for starting a family in Vaughan
Whether you are a new parent, or still thinking about having kids, inform yourself about Vaughan before moving there

Also, navigating a city with ease is crucial for any family. Luckily, Vaughan has a well-connected public transit system, and it’s only about 40 kilometers away from downtown Toronto. Therefore, commuting will be a breeze, whether it’s getting to work, school, or just exploring your surroundings. Finally, it’s important to note that Vaughan has over 320,000 residents, so making new friends after moving there shouldn’t be too hard!

Why Vaughan is the perfect city for laying down your roots?

One of the first things that draws families and future parents to this city is the fact that Vaughan takes safety seriously. With impressively low crime rates and a proactive community policing approach, you’ll feel secure here at any time of the day. Moreover, Vaughan is famous for its exceptional schools, from highly-rated public institutions like Hodan Nalayeh Secondary School to distinguished private academies such as the Rowntree Montessori Schools. Meanwhile, access to top-tier healthcare facilities, clinics, and hospitals such as the Mackenzie Health Hospital ensures that your family’s well-being is in capable hands.

Recreation opportunities and cultural amenities are also reasons why this city is popular among young families

Families in this city are spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor activities in Vaughan and entertainment venues that cater to all ages. For example, Vaughan is home to plenty of well-maintained parks where you can play sports or have a picnic. Vaughan Grove Sports Park, for instance, boasts expansive fields for soccer and baseball, while North Thornhill Community Park features playgrounds for children of various age groups.

Access to amusement parks and great parks are just some benefits of starting a family in Vaughan

If you love amusement parks, keep in mind that just a short drive from Vaughan, you’ll find one of the most iconic amusement parks in Canada, Canada’s Wonderland. There you can enjoy thrilling rides and water slides on your own, and when the kids come, you can explore some of its family-friendly attractions. Finally, make use of Vaughan City Playhouse, which hosts a variety of performances suitable for families, including plays, musicals, and concerts. It provides a platform for local talent and introduces children to the magic of live entertainment.

Choose a family-friendly neighborhood to settle in

When considering starting a family in Vaughan, finding the right neighborhood to live in means ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Luckily, Vaughan boasts several family-oriented neighborhoods that offer safety, access to amenities, and community spirit. Here are just some of them that could be the place for your next home:


Maple is a charming neighborhood with a great sense of community. Known for its tree-lined streets and family-friendly parks like Mackenzie Glen District Park, it provides an ideal environment for raising children. Besides, according to movers Vaughan ON, the proximity to reputable schools such as Maple High School and access to various shopping options also attract plenty of people here!


Kleinburg’s historical charm meets modern family convenience. While it has a peaceful atmosphere, here you’ll also find some attractions like the Kortright Centre for Conservation. There you and your children can explore nature and engage in educational activities, among other things. Moreover, with its art galleries, boutiques, and family events, Kleinburg offers a unique blend of culture and comfort.

A woman hiking with a baby
After moving to Vaughan, you’ll love spending time at the Kortright Centre for Conservation


Thornhill’s diverse community welcomes families with open arms. It boasts a range of family-friendly amenities, including the Promenade Shopping Centre for leisurely outings. Thornhill’s strategic location near major highways and its range of schools, both public and private, make it an accessible and practical choice for the neighborhood to live in.


Woodbridge radiates a suburban charm that appeals to families seeking a serene atmosphere. Vaughan Mills, a prominent shopping destination, is located in Woodbridge, and it offers great shopping and entertainment options for the entire family. The neighborhood’s emphasis on community parks and recreational facilities makes it an inviting place for your kids to connect and play.

Good luck with starting a family in Vaughan!

Before making any decisions regarding having children in this city, it’s important to learn all there is to know about living in Vaughan. However, one thing is certain – any young person seeking to lead a full life will undoubtedly make the right decision by starting a family in Vaughan. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll know what to expect and how to make the most of this rewarding experience!