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What to do with pets on moving day?

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    Moving is hard and complicated as it is. When you add your pets to the equation, it becomes ten times harder. You still must pack, work on legalities, find one of the best Toronto moving companies, and much more. Your pet will distract you and make things much harder. Not to mention how your pet will feel. So, you must find a solution to keep your pet safe and maintain order while moving. Hence, if you are asking yourself what to do with pets on moving day, we have the answer. Let us cover this one together and find the best solution for you and your beloved pet.

    Prepare yourself and your pet for the upcoming relocation

    Your pet will surely sense that something strange is going on. So, before you start packing and creating a hectic moving environment, work on your legalities, budget, and a moving plan. Create a checklist and note down all belongings you’ll move along with all moving-related tasks. Also, if you are moving your business with you, contact commercial movers Toronto as soon as you can to start working on moving logistics.

    a person pushing a dog in a carrier on a bike while thinking what to do with pets on moving day
    Find the best way to relocate your pet safely and prepare for this journey on time.

    Once you have your plan ready, then start searching for a moving company. Aim for a pet-friendly one if you intend on taking your pet with you in the same batch. We can recommend Number 1 Movers Van Lines as your best choice. Give them a call as soon as you are ready and secure a stress-free and affordable relocation. Now, let us show you what to do with pets on moving day to make it all easier for you and your pet.

    What to do with pets on moving day? You can leave them with a friend

    No one knows at first what to do with pets when relocating. But one of the easiest and most common solutions is to leave them with your loved one. Yes, your friends, relatives, neighbors, or coworkers can play a great role in this story. All you must do is ask in advance to give them enough time to prepare. We are sure there is someone who can keep an eye on your pet for a day or two until you cover your relocation. And while your pet is with your trusted friends, you and residential movers Toronto has to offer can finish all the moving-related tasks without obstacles and too much stress.

    If you are wondering what to do with pets on moving day, the ultimate solution is a pet hotel

    If you have no friend who can help out or have no time, there is a great solution out there. Pet hotels are nowadays all over the place. And they are an amazing way to leave your pet with someone who can take care of them properly. Moreover, you will find pet hotels with full service when it comes to food, shelter, care, vet assistance, and more. So all you must do is find one online and pay them a visit. Just make sure you check their reputation or obtain references before you purchase a service. You must know where your pet will be and how they are going to treat it.

    dog peaking through the window
    If you don’t know what to do with pets on moving day leave them at the pet hotel and relocate in peace.

    Pack and prepare the new environment adequately

    You must know how to relocate birds, cats, dogs, or exotic pets. If you have them in the first place. Each pet has a routine and unique requirements you must take care of. Therefore, your job is to pack all your pet’s belongings and keep them in a designated box. You should unpack it as soon as you arrive and create a new home for your pet. You can even do this a few days before the move so your pet has a home already set up. If you do this right, they will take this relocation much easier.

    Now you know what to do with pets on moving day and you are ready to undertake this journey. It won’t be easy for sure. Simply because some pets are hard to handle and they can be a huge distraction while packing and moving. Choose one of the options we have suggested and keep your pet out of the way. It will benefit you both. Good luck.