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What to do with leftover moving boxes after moving from Toronto?

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    Pile of empty boxes

    Moving is a very demanding job and requires a lot of planning. No matter how good your plan might be, once you relocate and take out the last thing, you will end up with leftover moving boxes. If you hired Number 1 Movers Van Lines, you won’t be stressing about what to do with them. If you moved on your own, you might not know what to do with leftover boxes. There are creative ways to put moving boxes to use, and Number 1 Movers will reveal them all!

    Moving from Toronto to a small town

    Metropolitan cities such as Toronto are not for everybody. People choose to move to quieter areas to get rid of stress from city crowds. The best place for this is city suburban, and Richmond Hill might be the right choice for you. Its closeness to Toronto allows you to hire movers Toronto Ontario and use their moving services. If you want a stress-free moving experience you should consider hiring residential movers.

    A moving worker carrying boxes
    Van lines often simplify the process of moving.

    Alternate use of leftover moving boxes

    After using moving boxes Ontario services, it would be a shame to just throw them away. Whether they are in good or bad condition, you can always find creative ways to reuse them. Recycling is one option, but there is more that can be done with those leftover moving boxes. Depending on the size, you could do different projects. We are gathered a couple of brilliant ideas for you:

    • Cardboard Drawer Dividers – this can be ideal for getting yourself organized
    • Desk organizer – create cardboard panels that can hold your pens, pencils, markers, and paper clips
    • Storage containers – cut around the boxes to give them a nice shelf look and use them to store anything from toys to clothes
    • Indoor dog house – creating a safe place for your pet can be a great project for a whole family
    • Shoe rack – just fold the cardboard into a triangle shape, and you will have a shoe divider for the entryway closet
    A child smiling
    Your children can use moving boxes for storing their toys.

    You can recycle unwanted boxes

    There are very good reasons to recycle leftover moving boxes instead of just throwing them. Recycling cardboard saves energy and also reduces environmental pollution. A reduction in the number of cut-down trees needed to make cardboard is another positive thing for the environment. You can check if residential movers Toronto have participated in any recycling programs. They will be glad to help you.

    Give leftover moving boxes to those in need

    Giving leftover moving boxes if they are still usable is a great option. You can give them away to people who need them more than you do. Inform your neighbors and friends. They might need those boxes for another house move or storage. Also, you can offer them to a charity in your area. They often organize events when they are moving lots of stuff. In the end, you can keep a couple of them to send packages or gifts to other people.