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What to consider before signing a storage rental agreement

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    Storage facility

    People rent storage units mostly when relocating home. If this is the case, next to the packing logistics and a search for Number 1 Movers, you must search for a storage unit as well. And the goal is to find an affordable, safe, and easily accessible one. On the other hand, if you simply need more space, you might have an easier time when making the final choice. Nevertheless, we will help you with this one and point out what to look out for before signing a storage rental agreement and become a storage unit owner. Let’s take a look.

    Find your storage unit first

    OK, the first step is to find your storage unit. This hugely depends on the location you are in. If you want it to be located near your home you should now you will pay more. On the other hand, if this does not matter and you are ok with your unit being hours away from you, then you’ll have an easier time and cheaper service. So, start browsing for storage units in Canada online and focus on the location first. Once you find several storage unit providers, then narrow your search down by comparing perks and what they offer.

    Obtaining info before signing a storage rental agreement
    Browse online, find a unit, and obtain enough info about the whole process.

    Be sure to check all other Hamilton moving services because there might be something that will make your life much easier. For example, if you are moving at the same time, you can purchase packing services and pack a batch for storage simultaneously. Hence, browse, compare, and give your renters a call. Ask anything you need to know and eventually, you’ll find a match. Cover all steps before signing a storage rental agreement. You will find an affordable, sizeable, and accessible unit for sure.

    Check out the positive sides before signing a storage rental agreement

    Obviously, you have a list of requirements. You want your unit to have certain perks and to be productive no matter what you use it for. So, before you agree on anything and decide on signing a storage rental agreement you must know what is in store. Therefore, we will quickly make a list of all the basic perks one storage unit should have. Take a look:

    • Unit size – There are several storage unit sizes available. From the smaller ones where you can fit several boxes only, all the way to those where you can store the entire home and a vehicle. You will choose the ones that suit you the most.
    • Security – Do not worry, your stuff is safe inside the unit. However, additional perks come in a form of 24-hour surveillance and a guard on site. Facilities with better oversight and better safety measures charge more.
    • Location – Storage units inside the city are more expensive than those on the outskirts and outside of suburban areas.
    • Accessibility – Location is not the only problem. If you decide to pay less you can drive for hours to reach your unit. It can even be located in a different state. However, the problem is that some units are accessible only during working hours. This varies from the provider and the laws of the country. City your unit is located in.

    Finally, after you compare everything and realize what is actually useful to you, you should check your budget. Depending on if this is a short or long-term investment, check how much it will cost monthly and yearly and make a final decision.

    This service is accessible to anyone

    There are a few more things you should know about public storage. There are units located inside a facility and we already mentioned they have great security measures in place. But also there are units outside the facility. Out there in the open, if you do not have a proper door with a lock and key, you are a great target for burglars. Therefore, we suggest if you choose this kind of unit to invest a bit more in the security. You can even purchase renters insurance and it works similarly as you would insure your home. Place insurance on everything inside the unit and set your mind at ease.

    Lock and key on a grass
    You can choose a simple lock and key, or a reinforced steel door with a combination lock. Your choice.

    And the fact that anyone can use a unit and twerk it in the way they like is a good thing. People use storage units for all sorts of things. Some support their business, have another garage, a personal gym, or a workshop for various art projects. Maybe one of those is just for you.

    Check if you have enough space before signing a storage rental agreement

    Now, pay close attention to the way you pack for storage. Before you agree to anything, you must be sure you will fit all your items inside. Yes, you can toss everything in and lock it forever. But that is not the point. You can have a productive storage unit with nicely stacked boxes and furniture. The unit that you can actually use for all things we mentioned earlier.

    Therefore, pack for storing using higher quality packing materials. Label and tape each box and stack them nicely in one place so you can always find items you need. You can even introduce a piece of furniture that will support this idea. A nice shelving system will come in handy for sure. Also, remember you can store all your seasonal items like Christmas decorations, ski equipment, gardening items, and spare car parts. Just make sure you pack and protect everything nicely.

    Who will clean your storage unit?

    The answer is – YOU! Yes, you must clean your unit regularly. At least on the inside. A simple broom and few friendly chemicals will do the trick. As for the outside, there should be a maintenance crew. Maybe they clean daily or a couple of times a week it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the environment is cleaned regularly as well to avoid rodents and pests gathering. And you should do the same for your unit. Place an air moisturizer, scented baggies, rodent repellants, and maybe a few mouse traps. Keep your storage clean and avoid damages to your belongings.

    Several people cleaning floors
    The maintenance crew will clean the facility but you must clean inside the unit.

    Downsize like a pro

    The last word of the day is – downsize as much as possible. If you have fewer items to clutter your storage with, you’ll have more space to move around. Especially if you intend on using it daily for various projects. So, before you pack the whole batch for storing, inspect your items and figure out what can go. Sell those items online, organize a garage sale, donate to charities, or throw it all away. Or maybe to give some of it to your friends. They might need it at some point.

    And now you know how to look for a unit, what to look for before signing a storage rental agreement. It is an easy process if you can invest a couple of hours to research units in your area. Hopefully, you’ll find just the right one for you and your needs. Good luck and stay safe.