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What not to wear on your moving day

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Moving day is a big day for everybody since there is a lot to be done. It requires some planning and some physical activities. This is why you need to be dressed in a certain way. Movers are prepared for this job and they dress according to the needs of moving when you are moving to Oakville. Lifting the boxes and furniture is physically tiring. This means clothes might be a safety hazard if you don’t follow these rules. And the are some clothing items you should not wear on your moving day… Let’s see what they are!

Why do you need to mind the clothes?

Safety hazards are the number one reason to think about what you are going to wear. If you wear clothes, like pants that are too long or unfitting, you might trip and fall. This can lead to injuries and breaking valuable items. Too tight clothes are uncomfortable and can limit your movements. If you are wearing unfitting shoes, and drop something, your feet might get injured. Jewelry can get in your way too since necklaces that are too long might get cough up on doorknobs and you can fall. So, what not to wear on your moving day is definitely something you need to think about. Just look at the movers when you hire commercial movers Oakville.

What not to wear on your moving day- a girl with a box
Wearing the wrong kind of clothes might lead                                      to injuries

Shirts you should not wear on your moving day

The shirt should not be too tight or too baggy. Shirts that are too tight can limit your movements and stop you from being comfortable. This means losing the time for finding another shirt and packing the box again. A shirt that is too baggy might get caught on the doorknobs and boxes so they might fall down. If they contain some of the valuable items, they might break. Make sure you have a spare shirt to change in need. You can get hurt while packing the boxes as well so you might want to consider hiring a packing service.

Fabric choice

You should not wear white shirts or light in color. You should get a dark-colored shirt. It should not be new as well, but an old shirt that you don’t plan to wear after the move. The fabric should not be artificial, especially if you move during the summer. Make sure the fabric is breathable type. You should not get a synthetic shirt to wear on your moving day. Seniors that are moving should be extra careful.


Pants can’t be too long or too baggy as well as a shirt. These are the types of pants you should not wear on your moving day. Pants that are too long or baggy can lead to tripping and falling down, or falling on boxes containing breakable items. It can lead to injuries and you don’t want that to happen. A new set of pants is one of the items you do not want to wear on your moving day. You could rip them up during the move.

What not to wear on your moving day - Four people in different kinds of pants
Make sure you pick the right kind of pants for                                       the move

Pockets or no pockets?

You might ask yourself- should I get the pants that have pockets or not? That is a good idea since you can carry your key and phone in them. So, even if there is a slight chance of injuring this way, there are more benefits than hazards from wearing clothes with pockets.

Shorts and skirts

Wearing skirts and shorts during the move can lead to cuts and bruises. These injuries are not dangerous in any way but are uncomfortable and ugly looking. That is why you need to wear long-sleeve shirts and pants when moving boxes.

Shoes should help you, not put you in danger

Avoid getting slippers and sandals or any other footwear that has opened toes. This is not a good idea since your feet and toes might get hurt easily if something falls on them, like a box. Simply get a pair of shoes or sneakers that have closed toes. If you take a look at the mover’s shoes, you can see that they have shoes that have a hard top over the toes so they are protected if something falls on them. But, protective shoes can be hard to get to. Just like other parts of the outfit, make sure you are not wearing new shoes or sneakers, but old ones that you won’t wear every day.

Ten people in different kinds of shoes
Make sure you know what kind of shoes fits                                         you the best

The breathable fabric should be a fabric of your choice. This is important since you are putting an effort in picking up and carrying the boxes so your feet might sweat. Make sure your shoes fit as well. You don’t want to get blisters.

Jewelry is a no-no

You should try to avoid jewelry when moving. Especially long necklaces and bracelets. It is dangerous to wear them since they could get tangled in other things or caught onto doorknobs. This can lead to a fall and you can seriously hurt yourself. Valuable jewelry can be damaged as well, and moving can be expensive. You don’t want to add the cost of the jewelry to the moving costs. And there is an easy way to find out just how much will the move cost in Ontario.


If you have long hair, make sure to tie it up in a ponytail or even a bun so it doesn’t get tangled in anything. This could lead to all kinds of injuries.

The ponytail
If you have a long hair you should tie it in a                                         ponytail

The weather has the final word

Make sure to check the weather on your moving day. If it is raining outside, make sure to wear a raincoat and boots that are waterproof. You don’t want to get sick on a moving day. If it is very hot outside, make sure to dress according to it so you don’t have a heat stroke. Mind what you will wear on your moving day.

The moving day can be hard on you and you are probably going to want to get it done as soon as possible. This is the thing that can get to injuries. Make sure you know what you will wear on your moving day. Dress so you don’t damage or stain your clothes, at least not the ones that are new. But even more important than that, make sure not to get hurt because you were in a hurry. Be careful and make sure you take your time, so everything will be all right.