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What items to pack first when moving office

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    Moving an office is a delicate job. It is usually much harder than residential relocation and that means that you have to be much more careful. Packing for a commercial relocation is particularly delicate since you probably have too many things that you have to relocate. You should know what items to pack first when moving office because it will save you a lot of time and nerves. Yeah, you can always go to commercial movers Oakville and pay for their packing services but there are some things that you can do by yourself. Let’s find out what to pack first when relocating an office!

    Start early

    When having a commercial relocation, you need to be concentrated at all times. A little mistake can cost you a lot and no one wants that. In order to avoid these mistakes and make your move harder, it is vital for you to start preparing the office for movers on time. Procrastination is your worst enemy here and that is something that you have to avoid. This is a known fact but we feel that we should repeat one more time.

    documents and files - items to pack first when moving office
    Important business documents should be packed first!

    Items to pack first when moving office – where to start?

    You probably have a lot of stuff that you need to relocate. On the other hand, they are not all that important and you should be able to see what is and what is not. What stuff should you pack first when relocating an office?

    • Important documents
    • Personal things
    • Electronics

    Important documents

    Several of the items to pack first when moving office are the most important documents. What we mean by this is that you have documents that are vital to your business. Without them, you will probably have legal problems and that is why you should pack them first. How to pack them? Well, the easiest way to pack them is to put them in the moving box and seal them. It would be a good thing for you to pack them in a single box since there will be less chance for you to forget them or lose them. Also, they should go with you, not with the movers. Even though there are small chances that the movers will lose anything that you have to pack, it is better to be safe than sorry.

    Personal things

    You probably have a lot of personal things at your office, especially if you are a workaholic. Some of them are probably very important for you and that is why you pack them among the first few things. Everything else can wait. In order to pack them, you can use the same box as for the important work documents or put them in a separate box. No matter where you put them, be sure to keep them with you at all times. It would be a shame to lose something important. In order to keep track, you should label moving boxes. This is the best way to keep track and know where your stuff is at all times.


    When we talk about stuff you should pack first when moving an office, we have to mention electronics. It does not matter how big or small you are, or what business you are in, everyone uses electronics for the business. You probably have a lot of very important files there. In order to preserve them, you have to be careful when packing electronics because it can be damaged very easily if you are not careful enough. 

    ipad and computer
    Be delicate when packing office electronics

    The vital thing here is to immobilize every piece of electronics that you have. The best way to pack them is to place them in the moving box wrapped with plastic wrap. Also, when putting in the box, be sure to use old towels in order to prevent damages during the transport.

    Pack the rest of the stuff

    With items that you need to pack first when relocating an office done, you can continue and finish everything else. Of course, we are all different and the rest of the stuff that you have to relocate can vary. The important thing here that you have to understand is that even though there is some more important stuff, everything should be packed with care. Just because you can afford to even lose some of the items, it would be a shame for this to happen.

    Of course, you can always declutter and get rid of some stuff. It is a good way to decrease the number of things that you have to move and relocate only the stuff that you will need. You can always donate some of your stuff and help someone else in the process. It is all on you.

    Should you pack by yourself or seek professional help?

    We have already said that commercial relocation is much harder from residential moving. The reason is simple. There are a lot more things that you have to relocate and some of them are vital to your business. Even though you can to all the packing by yourself, many people consider hiring movers that will do the whole job instead of them. The good thing here is that you can be safe, relax, and not think about any mistakes that may have possibly made. Be sure to do a little research and pick the perfect Brampton office movers for the job.

    a man holding a box
    Sometimes it is better to leave everything to professional movers


    Learning about what items to pack first when moving office is very important. There are usually a lot of misconceptions when moving an office and we are here to help you do it without any problems. The only thing that you need to decide is whether you want to do this all by yourself or hire a moving company to do it for you. Sometimes it is better to leave professionals to do their magic. You just have to stay back, coordinate everything, and be sure that everything goes according to the plan. We wish you a safe relocation as well as a big profit!