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What is the cost of living in Hamilton

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    What is the cost of living in Hamilton? Well, if you plan on hiring Hamilton movers and moving here you’ll quickly realize why the words ‘Steel City‘ don’t really do it justice. Most people don’t know just how beautiful and thrilling this city can be. From living in a place where you can lighten up by taking a hike outdoors. Or by jazzing it up in the city lights. There is something for everyone here.

    A hiking trail
    Hamilton is known for its appealing and delightful trails and scenery.

    However, if you plan on relocating here make sure you hire Number 1 Movers for a stress-free relocation. Nobody values the importance of a carefree move as we do. Don’t believe us? Contact us today, and see for yourself!

    Benefits of Hamilton

    There are plenty of reasons why people move to Hamilton. Recent research has shown a high surge of people moving from Mississauga to Hamilton. And there’s a good reason for that too. Hamilton doesn’t just have an excellent quality of life standards and great healthcare. It’s also a great place for spending time outdoors – walking, jogging, hiking, and going on other fun adventures. While on the other hand, it’s also a majestic place that has breathtaking scenic views. If you are looking for a place that’s close to nature, has easy highway access, and a city with a hometown vibe to it then moving to Hamilton is the perfect choice for you! Oh, and did we mention that it is the spot to be if you are a foodie? Hamilton has one of the best restaurant scenes in town, so to speak.

    The cost of living in Hamilton

    The cost of living in Hamilton is actually quite affordable. So, let’s delve deep into the numbers and see what’s going on. Before you decide to rent or buy a home, take a gander at the following numbers: 

    Apart from its breathtaking nature, Hamilton prides itself on a rather high quality of life, prosperity, and happiness.
    • Housing. Housing solutions in Hamilton are quite accommodating. It’s definitely cheaper than if you plan on living in Toronto, for example. This is because rents and house prices are lower, and there is much more available property. You can find a two-bedroom apartment for around $400,000. While rent on the other hand is around $1,000 monthly. However, you’ll surely be able to find cheaper alternatives.
    • Food. If you like eating out or preparing your own food or both, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s quite cheaper than it is in Toronto. For example, eating a basic lunchtime menu with drinks is around C$18. On the other hand, if you like cooking at home you’ll be pleased to hear that the price of cost of groceries is also quite cheap. For instance, you can get 12 large eggs at the price of C$3.56, while 500gr of boneless chicken breast is around C$7.
    • Entertainment. Basic dinner out for two in a neighborhood pub is around C$50. Which is roughly the same as a monthly gym membership in Hamilton. Also, you can get two tickets for the movies for the price of C$30. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the African Lion Safari! This has to be one of the most entertaining things you can do while in Hamilton. So, don’t miss out!