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What are the Forbidden Items in a Storage Facility?

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There is no doubt that storage units offer great solutions to those that are in need of additional space for their belongings. Both for businesses and for private use, storage units are the go-to solution when people find themselves lacking space. As such, storage units are usually a must-have when moving. Especially for people that move periodically, or those that have projects to do before they move in. However, there are certain forbidden items in a storage facility that you should never think of bringing. To ensure you do not make that mistake, consider consulting with Number 1 Movers upon hiring them. More importantly, contacting your moving company, or the storage facility directly will ensure that you have all of the information about what you can, and cannot bring into the unit. Today, we are going to talk about it, but we are going to talk about some, important, items.

The forbidden items in a storage facility unit and what not to store there

Whether moving, remodeling, or simply in need of additional space, storage units, like storage in Canada, are the right thing for you. Aside from providing you with additional space, many storage facilities offer various conditions to ensure the longevity of your items. Hence, if you store items that are sensitive to high temperatures, you can always opt for temperature control in a unit. Consequently, to ensure the longevity of your items, you and the facility need to communicate about the type of items you want to store.

To avoid any mistakes or issues, upon arrival, here is a list of some of the most essential items that no storage facility will let you store:

  • Money or other personal, valuable items
  • Perishable goods
  • Hazardous or chemically dangerous substances or items
  • Living (and dead) items or creatures

Money or other personal, valuable items

Logically, you would not want to place your grand-grandmothers necklace inside a storage unit. Instead, you want to keep it somewhere safe and close to you. Hence, you should never opt to store such items inside a unit. More importantly, even the storage facilities refuse to accept these items inside. Firstly, because they do not want to be responsible for something so valuable. Secondly, placing such items in a cold room full of other belongings is sort of irresponsible.

a small silver suitcase full of money
Placing valuables inside the unit would only stress you out; as you could not stop thinking about their safety

Most importantly, in case you do store something valuable, but cannot find it later, the situation will create a stressful situation for both you, as well as the storage facility. This is exactly what you want to avoid. Moreover, if you hire specialized moving services in Hamilton to relocate fine art or antiquities, you do not want them to safely handle it, so they can place it inside a storage unit.

Perishable goods

The next thing on our list should come as no surprise. Namely, storing perishable goods like food or beverages should always be off the table. One of the most well-known reasons for this is that perishable goods, well, they can perish. Hence, they can not only damage the items near them but also release a bad smell around the unit.

a sign that says no icecreams and food to represent forbidden items in a storage facility
Bringing perishable goods inside the unit usually means bringing a ticking bomb of germs and bad smells into a room

So, if you have clothes or wood in the unit, there is a chance that these items will take on the smell that is spreading. Therefore, one can have a clear understanding of why perishable goods are forbidden items in a storage facility. Most importantly, if you were to store perishable goods anywhere, ensure it is nearby, where you are going to be checking on them on a regular basis. Going back and forth to a storage unit to see if nothing is gone bad will be very time-consuming.

Hazardous or chemically dangerous substances or items are forbidden items in a storage facility

Anything from weapons to chemicals that might create big damage is a big no inside a storage unit. Now, although certain rules might change depending on the storage facility, or company, you choose; one thing is certain: You will not be able to bring weapons into any storage. The same goes with things like propane or gas tanks, easily flammable or explosive items, tools, etc.

differently colored luqiuds in various glass containers
Chemicals that you place inside the unit are another ticking bomb, but this one is much more dangerous than the previous one

These items will, aside from being an issue in your own unit, endanger other units, as well as people nearby. More importantly, if your unit goes into an auction, having forbidden items in the facility can get you into a lot of trouble, as well as the facility. To put it shortly, any item that is liable and can be dangerous to its surroundings should not be placed inside a storage unit.

Living (and dead) items or creatures

We understand that this might seem kind of ridiculous, but it is true. You cannot place anything, living or dead, inside the unit. This goes for things like plants and pets, with a few other things as well. Renting a storage unit is surely a great way to gain additional space. More importantly, it is a great solution for when you have items that require special conditions. Although pets, as well as plants, require special conditions more/less, that does not mean they can be inside the unit. More importantly, although, if you opt for freight and cargo delivery, there is an option to transport your pets and plants, the storage unit is not that place. Another main reason that they are forbidden items in a storage facility is that storage unit are not frequently visited. You cannot place a living creature inside it and just forget about it.