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Waterloo Movers

Waterloo Movers

Waterloo Movers

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Making moving process easy since years
Making moving process easy since years

Consistently voted one of the brightest cities in Canada, Waterloo is a dynamic urban center located in the heart of the Technology Triangle of Canada. Home to BlackBerry and two of Canada’s leading colleges, Waterloo University and the University of Wilfrid Laurier, the region draws students and thinkers from all over the world. There are also plenty of opportunities in Kitchener and the surrounding area for nature-seekers to enjoy. Victoria Park is situated right in the center of downtown Kitchener. The park provides residents a well-maintained green space to enjoy, and it also acts as a venue for many outdoor activities in the community.


Cost of Living in Waterloo

Although the Kitchener-Waterloo area is located by car about an hour from Toronto, its residents enjoy a much more affordable cost of living relative to the average Toronto residents pay. The average rental price for a Kitchener studio flat will cost you about $819, while a comparable Toronto accommodation will run you a whopping $1,442. This dramatic price gap applies not only to land rent rates but also to many other facets of living, such as electricity, public transport costs, and even gym memberships.


Moving Points

As you plan your move to waterloo, you’ll have a lot of things to keep in mind. For the first time movers and moving veterans alike, the logistics of moving can be just as overwhelming, so it’s crucial to have systems in place to keep yourself organized. Try out some of the tips below to make your next move as smooth as possible.

In advance, plan out packing logistics.

Packing is one of the most significant moving aspects. Your packing job quality determines how effectively you will be able to transfer your stuff and plays a pivotal role in preventing transit damage. Packing all by categorizing and marking boxes in a systematic, structured way is one of the best things you can do to keep stock of your belongings. As for electronics and appliances, if you happen to have them on hand, always use the original boxes and the packaging.


Remove unnecessary items as Much as Possible

Moving is one of the best excuses to go through your stuff and make some appeals for judgment about what you do and need not. The greatest advantage of this is that those who own less will spend less time packing and traveling about. Once you have identified unnecessary possessions, you can do various things with them. By selling them you will make some extra money and there is always the option of recycling or giving them away. No matter which route you pick, it results in a more modest transfer.

We offer all three types of moving: residential, commercial and long distance. This allows us to adjust very rapidly to any kind of situation.
We offer all three types of moving: residential, commercial and long distance. This allows us to adjust very rapidly to any kind of situation.


What can we do for you?

Cross country movers Waterloo

As a professional Cross country movers Waterloo, we offer innovative solutions for custom and trained moving experience. When you move with Number1movers, you can wish which services you need to meet your budget, timeline, and needs. Save time and annoyance by selecting residential moving options like packing, unpacking, storage, cleaning, car shipping, and more!

Residential movers Waterloo

If you are looking for the most loyal residential movers Waterloo, then we are the passionate team to call. our top priority is complete customer satisfaction. Our professional staff of relocation consultants, packers, loaders, and expert drivers all have a great understanding of experience in the moving industry.

Commercial movers Waterloo

If you are residing or doing business in Waterloo and need commercial movers Waterloo then you are at the right site. Our specialist would conduct a thorough site survey prior to the move to accurately determine the cost, schedule, time, and labor required for the relocation. All of our movers on staff are well-known with our performance standards and policies.

Apartment movers Waterloo

Our expert apartment movers Waterloo service cover everything from moving separate items to complete moves. Number1movers understand how to pack fast and wisely, how to safely move furniture, and will work with customers. We work with everyone: from businesses and families. We can cover it, whether it is a small step from home or office or something bigger involving extra manpower.

Condo movers Waterloo

Are you looking for the right condo movers Waterloo service? If so, then Number1movers is reliable and can help you from start to finish with your relocation. While moving has been believed to be a stressful activity, We have the essential knowledge about Waterloo and its neighboring areas and can navigate through them with ease in an attempt to make the move comfortable and timely.

Local movers Waterloo

Are you finding the expert local movers in Waterloo? Carefree Moving takes great care in the preparation and execution of each move, intending to offer peace-of-mind moving services. Although providing straightforward quotes and pricing, we pledge to treat each client with dignity and honesty. Our professional movers possess the experience and problem-solving skills required to handle any challenge seamlessly.

Office furniture movers Waterloo

Are you troubling to find office furniture movers in Waterloo? We understand the commercial movement to be a specialized field ..That’s why our very experienced team of sales and estimates will plan and coordinate every aspect of your move forward. The most modern transportation and moving equipment are provided by our skilled commercial movers who are specialists in the use of high-tech office equipment and furniture on the day of their shift.

Long distance movers Waterloo

We serve the best long distance movers in Waterloo. Long-distance moving is a complex process. We understand what’s needed and have the problem-solving abilities to navigate through every detail for an efficient and seamless relocation. Number1movers provides a well-organized approach to removing the stress of faraway moves from Toronto to any other city across Canada.

Are you worried about moving to or from Waterloo? Our group of expert Number1movers has the experience to assist you to get your life started in your new home.  At the point when you take on a long-distance moving job, there are extra details you ought to consider to ensure everything arrives safely. With many years of success with relocating people to or from Waterloo, our movers waterloo provide a quality and customer-focused approach guaranteed to alleviate your stress.

We will work with you directly from the start to plan your move to Waterloo. This allows us to avoid potential risks important to ensure we can get you to Ontario rapidly and without complication. It’s important to us that you trust us when moving to Waterloo and we promise to respect your privacy. We realize that you will be happy with our work as we get your things onto the truck, and off to your new home.

Multiple moving services

When you move to a new city then you need to do plenty of things. Let us take care of you packing, cleaning, moving supplies, and anything else to make it easier.


No scheduling concerns

Our drivers are always traveling between Waterloo and Montreal helping people move. We have the resources needed to be accessible at whatever point you need us.


Dependable Team

We realize that when managing a moving service reputation is everything. We keep you as our focus so you can entrust us with any moving job your future brings.

The Number1movers team knows how to handle a long-distance moving job with ease. We have top-level training practices that permit us to keep a great service when moving to Waterloo. We organize the truck in light of security, all that will show up in one piece. Our focus is to keep you stress-free as we get your household items over to Waterloo. We have the instruments and knowledge to stand out among any of our rivals.

We know chasing after boxes and managing packing can be irritating. It requires some time and there never seems to be enough as the date draws nearer. We can deal with something beyond moving you to Waterloo. We can pack everything for you, then, at that point, unpack everything at your new home. On the off chance that you need assistance with cleaning, let us know and we’ll make your old spot all-around great. We want you to know that we can handle your entire move to Waterloo, you don’t have to do anything but supervise.

If you are in one of the smaller areas around Waterloo, we can definitely be there for you too. It’s not difficult to accommodate multiple locations alongside your move and we are ready to oversee moving jobs of any size. From families to partnerships we give a reliably incredible experience to anybody moving to Waterloo. After using our services we’re confident we’ll remain your go-to movers when future opportunities arise.

We wanted to tell you a little more about Waterloo since it will be your new home:


  • Some high-tech companies, including Blackberry, have tracked down their home in Waterloo.
  • Financial backers have viewed Waterloo to be a phenomenal area for new opportunities.
  • The University of Waterloo and different offices have a great history with stimulating growth in the local economy.
  • Most of the Waterloo population comprises youth.
  • There are many city parks where you can do exercise activities.
  • Waterloo is in the tri-city region likewise containing Cambridge and Kitchener.
  • The city of Waterloo was named after the area of the renowned Napoleon fight.